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Palworld Ancient Tech Point: How to get them to unlock better accessories and facilities?

 The Palworld Technology tree is divided into two parts: the blue part which brings together all the classic elements of the game and the purple part which brings together all the accessories from an ancient civilization. To unlock the accessories and facilities of the purple part, you will need to have ancient technology points… But how do you get them?

Palworld Ancient Tech Point: How to get them to unlock better accessories and facilities?

Why seek to obtain Ancient Technology Points on Palworld?

Ancient tech points are very important on Palworld. This type of currency is the only one that allows you to unlock installations and accessories relevant to your adventure in the Technology tree.

Among these installations and accessories, we are thinking in particular of the incubator, the only installation capable of hatching your eggs, but also of the enrichment capsule for Pal which will allow you to improve your Pals, or even the grappling hook which you will help you reach heights.

Yes, Ancient Technology Points are important to collect to progress effectively in Palworld!

How to get Ancient Tech Points on Palworld?

Now that we know why Ancient Tech Points are so important in Palworld, let's ask ourselves how we can get them! Below, you can find the three methods of obtaining this currency.

Accomplish a world boss for the first time

As you clear the fog of war from the Palworld world map, you may notice indicators showing you the location of special Pals. The latter are bosses that you can eliminate several times to obtain a large quantity of coins from an ancient civilization or Pals resources such as Quality Oil or Fluids.

And, each time you defeat the boss (by killing or taming it) for the first time, you earn Ancient Technology Points .

Complete a Syndicate Tower for the first time

In Palworld, there are some kinds of arenas with an opponent to eliminate: there are 5 places of this kind, and they are called the Syndicate Towers.

Each time you manage to eliminate your opponent for the first time, you will be able to obtain Ancient Technology Points.

Complete a dungeon for the first time

In addition to bosses and syndicate towers, the world of Palworld is full of dungeons. You will be able to notice them quite easily during your adventure, because they appear in the form of dark caverns.

By eliminating the boss hiding inside, or by capturing it, you can also receive Ancient Technology Points.