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Palworld Cake: How to cook this dish reserved for lovers?

 You want to start breeding in Palworld, but you're missing one important item: cakes. Wondering how to get some? Know that you are at the right address, because in this article we explain how to get your hands on this essential resource for the proper functioning of your Ranch!

Palworld Cake: How to cook this dish reserved for lovers?

How to get cakes in Palworld?

To obtain cakes in Palworld , you have two options available to you: prepare the cakes yourself from your pot or collect them from a specific type of Pal.

Both methods are good to take, especially since the cakes take a long time to make! If you want more details, find all the information you'll need to get cakes below!

Bake cakes from the pot

To prepare cakes, you will need a pot. You can unlock it from your Technology tree at level 17 .

Once this facility is available in your camp, all you have to do is follow the following recipe to prepare cakes for your lovebirds and then place a Pal with the Fire Lighting skill so that your cakes can bake:

  • Flour x5
  • Red Berry x8
  • Milk x7
  • Egg x8
  • Honey x2

If certain resources pose a problem for you, find below the origin of the different ingredients necessary to concoct cakes.

How to get flour?

You can obtain flour by grinding wheat with the help of a Grinder. To do this, you will need to sow some in your camp with the help of a Wheat Plantation. Except that to sow wheat, you will need to have Wheat Seeds in your possession. This agricultural resource can easily be obtained from Pedlars, but also by eliminating or capturing certain Pals: Flopie, Bristla, Cinnamoth, Robinquill or even Dinossom.

How to get red berries?

You can obtain red berries in many ways... By eliminating or capturing certain Pals like Cattiva or Caprity , by harvesting red berry plants in the wild, by sowing red berry seeds on a berry plantation, by buying from Peddlers or by picking them up off the backs of Caprities that are grazing on your Farm.

If you're wondering where to get Berry Seeds, know that you can buy them from Pedlars or collect them by eliminating or capturing Lifmunk and Gumoss.

How to get milk?

You can obtain milk by putting Mozzarina in your Farm. Otherwise, you can buy them from certain Peddlers.

How to get eggs?

To obtain eggs, simply place Chikipi on a Farm and wait for them to lay eggs. Otherwise, the Peddlers will be there to help you out.

How to get honey?

Honey can be obtained by placing Beegardes on your Farm . However, you can also obtain them by eliminating or capturing Cinnamoth, Beegarde, Elizabee or even Warsect.

Steal other people's cakes!

Otherwise, if you don't want to waste your time with cooking, know that you can obtain cakes by eliminating or capturing Lovander . These pink-clad Love Pals only appear at night in desert areas

You will be able to encounter a large number of them in the Twilight Desert (that of Anubis ), but also in the Arid Dunes.

However, be careful: excessive elimination of Lovander caused a Raid of these Pals in our camp. Although chance may have done things (wrong), we believe that there is some connection between our Lovander elimination session and the sudden invasion of these Pals in our camp that same evening.