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Palworld Coal: Where to farm it to create refined metal ingots?

 Do you want to make better spheres to capture stronger Pals, but you lack the coal to melt refined metal ingots? In this Palworld article, we explain how to find coal deposits!

Palworld Coal: Where to farm it to create refined metal ingots?

How is coal useful in Palworld?

Coal is a fairly important natural resource in Palworld . Without this fuel, you will not be able to create refined metal ingots to make better capture spheres for Pals, nor better outfits to withstand the high temperatures of the different biomes in the game.

However, coal does not have this sole use, as it can be useful for crafting Carbon Fiber, a resource essential to many high-level items on Palworld.

How to farm coal and charcoal in Palworld?

Charcoal is very easy to obtain, as you will only have to burn wood to obtain it . So instead of using regular coal for carbon fiber, you can use charcoal instead to save said regular coal.

On the other hand, to obtain coal, you will have to explore or create a camp next to several deposits of this resource to extract it . Coal is a black ore that is mainly found in desert biomes. Luckily, a large seam of coal is located not far from the location of the boss Anubis , which is relatively profitable for players who have not yet reached level ~35-40 to venture into the great desert of north.

How to farm coal and charcoal in Palworld

But if the desert biome scares you, know that there is an ideal location in the Panda Forest that will allow you to farm coal and metal. So, don't hesitate to set up a mining base there to produce large quantities of metal ingots!

Low-level extractor Pals (Digtoise, Rushoar or even Dumud) will be more than sufficient to extract coal from the ore. However, to collect a large quantity, you will need to have storage space: leave with empty pockets, then take in your team a few Pals capable of improving the maximum weight you can carry (Kingpaca, Lunaris, Broncherry and Wumpo ).

To survive the heat, you will need to create a cooling outfit for the day and a warming outfit for the evening. The outfits made from metal will be more than sufficient to survive the temperatures, but we advise you to make the one for the level above as quickly as possible to avoid dying from a wild Pal.