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Palworld: Gold key, silver key, bronze key... How to get them?

 A chest is in front of you, but you are missing the keys to open it? In this Palworld article we tell you how to get gold, silver and bronze keys!

Palworld: Gold key, silver key, bronze key... How to get them?

How to get bronze and silver keys?

Bronze and silver keys can be obtained easily on Palworld. You will receive them after a successful defense during a raid or by eliminating Leezpunk or Leezpunk Ignis. Moreover, these Dark-type Pals appear very often during raids, which is an excellent way to obtain bronze keys and silver keys.

You can also find them in the wild, which will be very useful for building up a huge stock of bronze keys and silver keys. Below, you can find their favorite locations.

Note that they do not produce keys. They are fundamentally different from Pals like Mau or Vixy. They cannot be placed in the Farm to produce keys. So, to obtain this item, you will have to eliminate them or capture them!

How to get golden keys?

Gold keys are much rarer than bronze and silver keys. To the extent that they allow you to open “legendary” chests, the means of obtaining them is a little more complex.

While you can simply eliminate Leezpuk to obtain bronze and silver keys, here for the gold keys, the challenge is not the same. Indeed, you will have to rely on your luck and your combat skills.

The first method to obtain golden keys is the simplest, but also the most hazardous: opening the chests in the wild areas of Palpagos. These areas are patrolled by the local militia, so you will have a small chance of creating some sort of crowd movement with the militia. However, if you are careful not to be noticed, you can calmly head to the top of the wild area to get the chest.

The second method, which is the most dangerous, requires eliminating Smugglers . These black market bandits have very questionable morals, but are not aggressive when you encounter them. They are above all Pals merchants. On the other hand, if you are aggressive by delivering the first blow, they will not give in and retaliate.

These bandits are level 40, even 50 for some, which is why we advise you to confront them only once this level has been reached. The Smugglers are fierce, but above all powerful, so expect a tough fight.