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Palworld Gunpowder: How to get this resource quickly with Tocotoco?

 Do you want to make a significant amount of ammunition, but you are starting to run out of gunpowder? In this Palworld article, we explain how to easily obtain this resource!

Palworld Gunpowder: How to get this resource quickly with Tocotoco?

How to make gunpowder on Palworld?

Gunpowder is an essential resource if you want to use guns in Palworld. This resource is created from a production line using charcoal and sulfur. Nothing too complicated on paper, because charcoal is easily obtained by burning wood and sulfur can be mined in certain deposits available throughout Palworld.

Except that sulfur does not have such large veins as metal or even coal . A bit like quartz , it is discreet. To give you some indications, you can find sulfur in certain dungeons and in larger quantities in the desert and volcanic biomes, notably at the foot of the Black Volcano tower.

How to make gunpowder on Palworld

But is there a way to harvest gunpowder while going on an expedition to obtain gunpowder? Well yes, but for that you will have to meet a rather special Pal, the Tocotoco!

Tocotoco… The explosive Pal that drops gunpowder

During your sulfur mining sessions, do not hesitate to eliminate the Tocotoco that you come across on your path. You can find them in the two main desert biomes, where you can find sulfur.

It will be useless to capture them, as they do not produce gunpowder in the Farm. Also, capture or eliminate them to collect a large amount of gunpowder.

  • Be careful, the Tocotoco are real suicide bombers. They do not hesitate to rush towards you to let themselves be exploded. So keep your distance from them to avoid dying.

The advantage of these Pals is that they move in groups, so you can farm gunpowder relatively easily using them.

However, don't abandon sulfur mining to make gunpowder yourself, as Tocotoco are simply a way to optimize your travel.