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Palworld Honey: How to farm it to prepare cakes or other dishes?

 Do you want to get honey to prepare some dishes for your Pals, but you can't find a large quantity? In this article, we give you the various ways you can find or make honey!

Palworld Honey: How to farm it to prepare cakes or other dishes?

How to get honey? Option 1: assign Beegarde to craft them

One of the best techniques for obtaining honey in Palworld is to assign Beegarde to a farm and let them generate honey . To prevent your Beegarde from being interested in transporting resources, we advise you to create a camp specialized in resource production by only building Farms there. The Beegardes do not seem as obedient as the Cremis, the Mozzarina or even the Chikipi.

However, if you are already on a second camp which is mainly interested in metal , this can quickly become complicated to manage. But we have other tips for collecting honey quickly.

How to get honey? Option 2: capture or eliminate Pals who generate them

The second most reliable source of honey is capturing or eliminating honey-dropping Pals . However, only a small portion of Palworld's Pals are able to provide this resource. In fact, there are only 4 Pals that allow you to obtain them: Cinnamoth , Beegarde , Elizabee and Warsect .

Luckily, Cinnamoths, Beegardes and Elizabees can be found in very large numbers at the start of your game . So you won't need to visit a high-level wilderness area to get mail with the help of a Warsect.

Although eliminating Pals is the quickest option, we recommend capturing Pals from time to time to progress efficiently in Palworld . Excess Pals can be used to improve the Pal of the same species that you wish to keep at your side and you can collect honey while benefiting from the improvement of a Pal.

To strengthen a Pal with other Pals of the same species, you will need the Pal Enrichment Capsule which you can obtain at level 14, in the Ancient Technology section of your technology tree . To unlock this facility, you will need technology points and coins from an ancient civilization which you can obtain by defeating dungeon bosses, catching lucky Pals or even defeating opponents in the Towers.