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Palworld Leather: How to easily farm it to make saddles and clothing?

 Do you need leather to make a saddle to use a Pal mount or create clothing to resist the cold and heat of the different biomes of Palworld? In this article, we give you all the means to obtain them easily!

Palworld Leather: How to easily farm it to make saddles and clothing?

What is leather used for in Palworld?

In Palworld, leather has many uses in crafting. It will be necessary to make certain accessories for Pals (harness, saddles, collar, etc.), but also much more resistant and efficient clothing, food bags or even accessories to decorate your camp.

Leather is as important as metal, so you'll need to get quite a large quantity of it!

How to farm leather in Palworld?

To obtain leather in Palworld, you have four possibilities: the first is to kill Pals who drop leather, the second is to capture them, the third is to put Vixy on a farm so that he can generate it naturally and the third is to buy it from peddlers in the hamlets.

Not all Pals provide leather unfortunately. In fact, only a handful of them drop them. Below you will find the Pals who supply leather :

  • Foxpark
  • Fuack
  • Rooby
  • Pengullet
  • Vixy - Production of Leather and Bone by being put on a farm
  • Rushoar
  • Nox
  • Fuddler
  • Direhowl
  • Mossanda Lux
  • Melpaca
  • Eikthyrdeer and Eikthyrdeer Terra
  • Nitewing
  • Ribbony
  • Incineram
  • Galeclaw
  • Gorirat
  • Univolt
  • Pyrin and Pyrin Noct
  • Tombat
  • Katress
  • Reindrix
  • Mammorest and Mammorest Cryst
  • Fenglope

The second option seems to us to be the most appropriate, because the extra Pals can be used to improve the Pal that you want to keep at your side . To improve your Pal with other Pals of the same species, you will need the Pal Enrichment Capsule which you can obtain at level 14, in the Ancient Technology section of your technology tree.

And as for the hamlets, you can buy leather in the one located in the Autumn Forest biome for 150 coins.

  • Tip : To continually earn gold coins, we advise you to place several Mau (available in dungeons) on a farm. Their partner ability allows you to create pieces, so don't hesitate to abuse it! Otherwise, go eliminate poachers and other mercenaries in their camps to collect coins.''
Now you know everything about Leather!