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Palworld Legendary Blueprints: Rocket Launcher, Assault Rifle... Where to find them all?

 Want to craft better weapons using Legendary Blueprints, but can't get your hands on them at all? In this Palworld article, we explain how to optimize your chances of coming across legendary Blueprints!

Palworld Legendary Blueprints: Rocket Launcher, Assault Rifle... Where to find them all?

The Legendary Blueprints on the Alpha Pals

While it's relatively easy to come across blueprints for common weapons and armor in Palworld , it's rarer to stumble upon legendary blueprints. However, there are different tips to encourage the looting of these patterns.

The first way to obtain Legendary Plans, and above all the most reliable currently, is to go hunting for Alpha Pals . These are able to give you legendary Blueprints when you confront or capture them.

However, not all Alpha Pals are able to drop Legendary Blueprints: find below all the Alpha Pals, including those found in arenas, who drop very specific Legendary Blueprints.

  • Dragon Resistance Ring I - Quivern / Relaxaurus / Elphidran
  • Ring of Water Resistance II - Jormuntide
  • Dark Resistance Ring I - Shadowbeak
  • Earth Resistance Ring II - Anubis
  • Ring of Fire Resistance II - Faleris
  • Grass Resistance Ring II - Lyleen
  • Ice Resistance Ring II - Mammorest Cryst
  • Ring of Resistance Electricity II - Orserk
  • Legendary Chilling Pal Armor - Necromus
  • Legendary Warming Pal Armor - Paladius
  • Legendary Crossbow - Bushi
  • Legendary Assault Rifle - Blazamut
  • Legendary Shotgun - Suzaku
  • Legendary Pistol - Beakon
  • Legendary Old Bow - Kingpaca
  • Legendary Rocket Launcher - Jetragon
  • Legendary Helm - Frostallion

Palworld Legendary Blueprints: Rocket Launcher, Assault Rifle... Where to find them all?

Please note that eliminating or capturing these Pals does not guarantee obtaining Legendary Blueprints. You will probably have to try it several times so that the Blueprints you covet can be dropped by the Pals in question.

Legendary Blueprints in Dungeons

At the end of the Dungeons, you will have a chance to obtain Blueprints of any rarity . Thus, it is possible to obtain Legendary Blueprints, even if the appearance percentage is relatively low. It may therefore be interesting to do a few dungeons while waiting for the Alpha Pals to resurrect from their arenas.

Especially since dungeons are always good to do to the extent that the chests at the end of dungeons can provide fruits allowing you to grant skills to your Pals, or even accessories for your character. So even if you don't come across legendary Planes, you can still find what you're looking for in the dungeons!

Legendary Blueprints in Raids

If your server has not disabled Raids, you will be able to obtain Blueprints of varying rarity by defeating these assaults in your camp . The more complicated the raid, the greater the rarity of the Plans: do not hesitate to participate in these attacks, to try to obtain legendary Plans.

Legendary Blueprints in Chests

Chests can contain Legendary Blueprints, but not all. Classic chests, which do not require a key, will give you basic resources such as Pals resources, coins or even dishes. On the other hand, chests that require Gold Keys may contain Legendary Blueprints. So, don't hesitate to stock up on Gold Keys while facing the Palpagos Smugglers to always have a key in your pocket to open these chests.

However, be careful, because these bandits will be accompanied by level 40 Pals, so prepare properly for the fight!