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Palworld: The list of the best dual-type Pals for combat

 Are you wondering which are the best dual-type Pals from Palworld? You have come to the right address because in this article we list the Pals that seem to us to be the most efficient for combat!

Palworld: The list of the best dual-type Pals for combat

The list of the best double-type Pals on Palworld

The fights in Palworld are important: the capture of alpha Pals, just like the success of arenas, dungeons, raids or even wild attacks with the militia, will depend on your power. Clearly, to survive in the Palpagos archipelago, you will need to have good Pals to engage in your battles calmly.

Here we will focus on dual-type Pals with some appetite for combat. The working abilities of these Pals have very little importance, as here we focus on the combat statistics namely attack, defense and the skills that these Pals can acquire.

Jormuntide Ignis

Jormuntide Ignis is a gigantic Fire/Dragon type Pal. The advantage of its dual type is that it is able to be a threat to a large number of Pals: those of Grass, Ice and Dark types. However, you will still need to watch out for Water and Ice Pals, as they are a weakness for him. So, even if he is an expert in attack, you will still need to improve his defense and his life points so that your Jormuntide Ignis can have better survivability in fights.

  • Jormuntide Ignis is one of the best Fire-type Pals, but also Dragon-type Pals, that you can get in Palworld.


'''Jormuntide''' is the “classic” version of Jormuntide Ignis and has Water/Dragon types. Thanks to his expertise in attack, just like his chromatic version, he will be able to annihilate Dark and Fire type Pals. However, don't forget to upgrade his health and defense at the Statue of Power, as he is basically only a good attacker.

  • Jormuntide is one of the best Water-types you can get in Palworld.


Warsect is Grass/Earth type Pal. Although he has average stats outside of defense, this isn't a real problem. This proves to be much more of a strength, as you will be able to choose one's area of ​​expertise at the Statue of Power. Its effectiveness in combat lies in its defensive statistics, but also and above all in its partner skill which increases the player's defense and reduces the fire type damage suffered. Finally, its double weakness relative to the fire type is no longer a problem.

  • Warsect is also one of the best Pals in its category. It excels as a Grass-type Pal.


Orserk is an Electric/Dragon type Pal. It benefits from rather high base stats, so you won't need to focus on any particular attribute to make it good. It's up to you to choose which bonuses to give it! Orserk will be perfect for quickly eliminating Dark and Water-type Pals. On the other hand, you will still have to pay particular attention to fights against Earth and Ice type Pals.

  • Orserk is considered to be one of the best Electric-type Pals.


'''Menasting''' is an Earth/Dark type Pal . It will have great attack strength on Dark and Electric type Pals, but will greatly fear Grass and Dragon type Pals. Much like Warsect, Menasting finds its strength in defense and its partner skill which increases defense. This way, it will be able to take hits easily and will allow your character to be more resistant. Menasting is a bit short on health and attack, so don't hesitate to upgrade his attributes using souls from Pal to the Statue of Power.

Relaxaurus Lux

Relaxaurus Lux is a gigantic Electric/Dragon-type Pal. The advantage of this Pal is that you will be able to obtain it very quickly in your adventure since you will be able to face it in its arena when you have reached level 31. Relaxaurus Lux will be a very good attacker, but a poor defender. This is why you will absolutely have to improve his life points and his defense at the Statue of Power to prevent him from dying too quickly in combat. Just like Orserk, he will also be very strong against Dark and Water-type Pals but will be feverish against Earth and Ice-type Pals.

Reptyro cryst

Reptyro cryst is an Ice/Earth type Pal. He will be a very good defender but will be severely lacking in health points to survive long enough to endure an entire arena fight. Therefore, we strongly advise you to improve this attribute so that it can gain survivability. Its dual type allows it to be effective against Dragon and Electric types but will find itself in doubly difficult situations against Fire-type Pals. This is why we strongly advise against using it to face Pals in this category.


'''Astegon''' is a Dragon and Dark type flying mount. In addition to having excellent Dark-type skills, the latter has notable defense. For this Pal to really make a difference, it will be necessary to greatly improve his life points and his attack.

Broncherry Aqua

Finally, we have '''Broncherry Aqua''', a Grass/Water type Pal. He positions himself as an excellent defensive Pal but will have to make a quick trip to the Statue of Power to increase his attack. He is a poor attacker but will be able to give low-level players the benefit of a trusted Pal when it comes to defense while waiting for Warsect.

If you don't want to bother capturing these Pals, know that you can have all of these Pals through breeding. You just need to follow one of the two sites that we indicate to you right here to find out all the possible associations: or Plus, if you make sure you have these Pals with the right traits for combat, you'll be able to emerge victorious from every fight in the game!