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Palworld Milk: How to get this resource easily with Mozzarina?

 Do you want to find Milk to make Cakes in Palworld, but you can't get your hands on this resource? In this article, we explain how to get them easily, using Mozzarina in particular!

Palworld Milk: How to get this resource easily with Mozzarina?

Buy Milk from merchants

The first method to obtain Milk quickly in Palworld consists of visiting the Hamlet located in the Yellow Forest, then going to see the Peddler who is in the house at the back of the village, opposite the teleportation statue. For 50 gold coins, you can obtain a bottle of Milk.

However, it is a shame to spend gold coins on a resource that you can obtain from your camp's Farm. Indeed, a Pal is able to continually provide you with this resource: Mozzarina. Below we explain where to find it!

Mozzarina… Le Pal milk supplier

Instead of buying milk, it is much more judicious to go capture Mozzarina, then assign them to your Farm so that they can provide you with Milk at any time.

By making sure you have a cooler and Pals carriers, you will be able to store this resource for a long time before starting to cook up small dishes.

You can find Mozzarina in only one location on the map, namely Bamboo Valley. Luckily, you'll be able to find these Pals day or night, so you won't have to worry about what time you start looking for them.

The usefulness of Milk in Palworld

Milk is an essential cooking resource for concocting dishes that will boost the mentality of your Pals. In addition, Milk is necessary in the recipe for Cakes, the dish that allows the reproduction of your Pals. So, you will quickly have to take a trip to the Bamboo Valley to capture this Pal.