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Palworld Reproduction: Mating, Ranch, Eggs and Incubator... How to hatch new Pals?

 Got your hands on an egg in Palworld, but don't know anything about the hatching process, or even how to get an incubator? In this article, find all the information you need to know to successfully complete the entire mating and reproduction process, as well as the immense importance of the ranch in this regard.

Palworld Reproduction: Mating, Ranch, Eggs and Incubator... How to hatch new Pals?

Reproduction: how to get eggs in Palworld?

Like Pokémon or Temtem, it is possible to hatch eggs in Palworld. The eggs have different elements which are relative to those of the Pals: Fire, Ice, Grass, Electricity, Darkness, Dragon, Normal, etc...

Except that these eggs are different from those given by the Chikipi. Although Chikipi produce eggs that can give you a Chikipi after hatching, they do not give other Pals and are mainly useful for cooking. So how do you get eggs to try to discover new Pals?

Well, know that there are three methods to obtain Pals eggs:

  • In nests found in nature, particularly at height, on cliffs, old infrastructures or even mountains
  • In chests that require a silver or gold key (keys can be found on Leezpunks, so don't hesitate to capture or eliminate them)
  • On your ranch, by making Pals mate with each other

The eggs that you will collect are related to the biome in which they are found. For example, you will find a large amount of frozen eggs in snowy mountains, wet eggs next to bodies of water, or hot eggs in volcanic areas. Here is a small sample of the discoveries we were able to make depending on the biomes we visited.

  • Frozen Mountain - Water or Ice
  • Volcano - Fire
  • Desert - Fire, Earth or Electricity
  • Forest and Lake - Normal, Grass, Water, Dark, Dragon

Eggs come in several sizes: normal, large, and huge. The bigger the egg, the rarer Pal you will have. So if you come across an egg that is much larger than the others, collect it to hope to come across a Pal still unknown to your Paldex!

Ranch, mating & reproduction… How to produce your own eggs?

Although there is a wide selection of eggs in the wild, breeding is a great way to create the perfect Pals or to target a species you've never had the chance to come across before. Indeed, reproduction allows you to choose the Pals of your choice to create a Pal who will inherit aspects of its parents.

To optimize reproductions, it is advisable to choose as parents the Pals who have the best statistics and the best passive skills, so that they can give their offspring the best traits.

To obtain a perfect Pal, it is best to choose lucky Pals, otherwise called shiny, as parents. They benefit from better statistics overall. They are therefore the best parents you can have for breeding. But you still have to be lucky enough to meet them! So, if you don't have a lucky Pal, bet on the best Pals you have in your Pal Box.

  • Note: There is a chance that the size of the Pals has an impact on reproduction. By breeding very large Pals (especially bosses), the probability of obtaining a huge egg seems higher. However, we are not yet certain of this information, so take it with a grain of salt! ''
But for your Pals to breed, you will need to build a Ranch. The latter is unlocked at level 19 and requires a large space, so design your camp according to the ranch, because it is really imposing!

Once your Ranch is installed, then the parents have been chosen, all you have to do is assign them to the Ranch then give them cakes (from the small box at the entrance) so that the magic can happen .

These sweet treats can be obtained in several ways: by capturing or eliminating Lovanders or by making your own cakes with a Marmite.

Making the cakes yourself will undoubtedly be rewarding, and above all fun, but the recipe requires a lot of facilities, investments and resources.

  • Flour - obtained by growing wheat and then crushing it with the Crusher
  • Red Berry - obtained from Red Berry plants, by growing them or collecting them from the backs of Caprity in the Farm
  • Milk - obtained by putting in the Mozzarina Farm
  • Egg - obtained by putting in the Chikipi Farm
  • Honey - obtained by putting in the Beegarde Farm

  • You don't know where to find Caprity, Mozzarina, Chikipi or even Beegarde? Find their positions in our Paldex ! '''
However, if you choose to eliminate Lovander to collect mushrooms or cakes, be careful, because there is a good chance that a Lovander Raid will be triggered in your camp. It's unclear if the genocide we did previously triggered this event once we returned to our camp, but it was a strange coincidence. They attack after dark, so be warned!

  • Bulk Tip: We know that Jormuntide is a complicated Pal to obtain, so here's a tip for you! By breeding a Quivern (boss) and a Relaxaurus (boss), we were able to obtain one. Also, we invite you to reproduce this experience to try to obtain this Dragon and Water type Pal!

How to optimize the reproduction of our Pals

If you are looking for a particular Pal, you can very well use sites called “Breeding calculator” to find the parents who will be able to give you the Pal you are looking for. In addition, you will not be confined to a single association. Indeed, these sites are able to offer you a plethora of Pals associations to put at the Ranch to obtain the Pal of your desires.

Like interactive maps, their uses are relatively simple! So, do not hesitate to use them to make your reproductions successful:

How to get an incubator to hatch eggs?

The Incubator is a facility you can unlock at character level 7. However, you will not be able to unlock it with simple technological points. Indeed, you will need ancient technological points, but also pieces from an ancient civilization to build it. But how do you get these strange resources?

Technological points can be obtained by completing a dungeon for the first time (i.e. by eliminating or capturing its boss) or by eliminating (always for the first time) one of the Pals bosses in the wild. They are marked on your map, so you will have no problem identifying them. On the other hand, when it comes to underground dungeons, you will need to demonstrate a great sense of observation to spot them. However, if you add a Leezpunk to your team, you may receive information on the location of one of them.

Coins from an ancient civilization , on the other hand, can be obtained in the same way, but there are some differences to note. You will obtain coins from an ancient civilization every time you eliminate or capture a Pal boss that you can find in dungeons or in the wild, but also by capturing or eliminating a lucky Pal, otherwise called “shiny”.

Once you have the incubator, all you have to do is place an egg in it and then wait for it to hatch. Depending on its size and the speed of passage of time which is specific to your server, the incubation will be more or less long. A normal-sized egg hatches much more quickly than a huge egg .