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Palworld Textile: How to get it easily?

 Do you want to obtain textiles to make different infrastructures or other accessories in Palworld, but you can't get your hands on this resource? In this article, we explain how to easily obtain one.

Palworld Textile: How to get it easily?

Cutting down trees to get textiles

The first method to obtain textile is by cutting down trees in Palworld. This is the simplest trick for obtaining textiles, as you will only need an ax or a Pal capable of cutting wood to quickly obtain this primary resource.

However, don't be fooled, because the sawmill will not allow you to produce textiles. You will be required to cut down the trees in your camp or go outside of it, into nature, to collect them.

Capture or eliminate Pals who drop textiles

The second method for obtaining textiles is simple, but a little more restrictive than the first, in that it will require you to go in search of two Pals who drop this resource . These are Hoocrate , a nocturnal Pal that you can easily find in all Palpagos - with the exception of the Black Volcano, the desert areas and the Leafy Stream - and Hangyu a diurnal and nocturnal Pal, which unlike Hoocrate, is found exclusively in desert areas (Arid Dunes and Twilight Desert).

What is textile used for in Palworld?

Textile is a primary resource which is very useful for the first constructions in your camp, decorative objects, primary weapons such as bows or even beds and accessories for your Pals.

This resource can quickly be forgotten, to the extent that it is not essential for all installations, unlike wood, stone or even ingots. This is why we advise you to always cut wood to have a small stock of this resource.