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Pregzt Company Alone in the Dark safe: What is the combination to open it?

 You've read all the documents, you've been going around in circles for hours and you can't figure out the code you need to enter to open the Pregtz Company safe in Alone in the Dark? Don't worry, we have the solution.

The Cargo Manifest Safe

Everything started well. You were traveling the cursed lands of Louisiana in search of Jeremy Hartwood, you solved the puzzles in a few minutes and then you suddenly find yourself stuck in the premises of the Pregtz Company. You are faced with a safe that must be opened to continue the adventure, but you cannot understand what the game expects of you. Of course, you have read all the documents in your possession several times: Jeremy's notebook (you never know), the library book, the map of the New Orleans docks... But nothing done there.

The Cargo Manifest Safe

You did find a letter in a piece of furniture just in front of the trunk, entitled “all his things”. But you don't understand what this story of the moon and the Earth means. In desperation, you started shooting at the safe with the machine gun you just found in the room. Don't waste your ammo! The trunk does not open with the balls .

What is the combination to the Pregtz Company safe?

Imagine that the first French translation of the puzzle was so far-fetched that THQ Nordic even published a patch to change it. Now, we therefore have:

  • “The moon is dying in the west, the Earth continues its course towards the east, the golden star sets in the east”

This is supposed to translate:

  • “What is left, later is right, and hell is back again”

To solve the riddle, you have to count the number of letters in the words that precede the directions.

  • “What is left” / “the moon is dying in the west” = 4 to the left
  • “later is right” / “the Earth continues its course towards the east” = 5 to the right
  • “hell is back again” / “the golden star sets in the east” = 4 left again.'''

We recap, that's 4 to the left, 5 to the right, and 4 to the left again.

It's time to go to this terrible safe, press “A”, and enter the combination following the direction indicated: go towards 4 by turning the wheel to the left, then towards 5 by turning the wheel to the right (a small tap, therefore), and finally the 4 by turning the wheel again to the left (another small tap).

Click click.. Bravo, you have just retrieved the cargo manifest! You can now continue your journey with Emily or Carnby. Good luck for the future! And if it reassures you, the other puzzles are easier to understand.