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Princess Peach Showtime!: how to get all the splendorites and bows on floor 1


Princess Peach Showtime!: how to get all the splendorites and bows on floor 1

Guide to Princess Peach Showtime on Nintendo Switch with the location of all the splendorites and bows on Floor 1 to complete it 100%.

Princess Peach Showtime is not a difficult game, but finding all the splendorite pieces and bows on all levels and floors is the real challenge of this Nintendo Switch game starring the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Hidden in each play with Peach are fragments of splendorite, a material that is not mandatory to obtain all of to advance in the game (a small amount is enough to advance in the world), and several of these pieces are found on your way, but others are much better hidden.

If any piece of splendorite, as well as the bow in each level, resists you, in this guide to Princess Peach Showtime! We show you the location of all of them on Floor 1 (or the second world of the game).

Princess Peach Showtime!: how to get all the splendorites and bows on floor 1

The great infiltration

The great infiltration

  1.  You will see it shine behind a wooden box, just before reaching the jewelry store
  2. Press B three times in front of a spotlight on a tripod in the area where there are three police robots 
  3. Activate the two switches necessary to open the curtain and get the costume
  4. With the costume, press a switch on a screen with two pipes that go down to deactivate the electricity and get the little star
  5. Activate a switch to change the direction of the conveyor belt and enter through a door at the bottom (photo)
  6. Hook on and go up in an area of ​​conveyor belts to reach it
  7. You will have to collect eight fragments in the area where some platforms move and there are guards that you can stun.
  8. Overcome vertical climbing
  9. During the final glide, you have to be quick to catch it
  10. Beat the level
Ribbon: Before following the character who takes you to the transformation, go up the stairs in the building in the background and help a character recover his coins.

The spooky castle

  1. Break a pot that is in a cell (which you have to break first)
  2. Complete a mandatory fight
  3. Collect 8 Star Shards on your way
  4. Find a secret posing area right after the tape moment
  5. It is inside an enchanted chest that falls on you, in the part where a chandelier, a painting, and then a chest fall in succession
  6. Break a pot before reaching the end
  7. Pass the level

Ribbon: It is inside one of the enchanted paintings that fall from the sky in the castle. You have to break it with the sword before it falls

Ice show

  1. Light four bushes in the first frozen pond (photo)
  2. Defeat the first "bad skater"
  3. Save the three skaters as part of history
  4. As part of history
  5. Correctly complete all the sequences of jumps and pirouettes after the previous star
  6. Get all eight fragments by skating
  7. Correctly complete all jumps and spins sequences
  8. After the display, look for a secret posing area. Complete the challenge
  9. Collect all eight-star pieces
  10. Pass the level
Ribbon: There is a point where there is a character holding onto a ball hanging between two enemies. Defeat the enemies

The disappearance of the mural

  1. Defeat two enemies at the start
  2. Behind the museum sign
  3. Behind the bookshelf in the detective's office
  4. The junior detective gives it to you on the couch
  5. Behind a box is a secret posing area
  6. After completing a story case
  7. After progressing through the story
  8. Investigate the moving blue sarcophagus
  9. As you progress through the story
  10. Pass the level
Tape: At the beginning of the level, look for a hidden alley where you can find a character next to some trees: activate them to get it

Remember that to do poses, you have to press ZR or ZL in secret areas that glow a little brighter and vibrate when you pass through them. This way you access secret areas.

These are all the splendors and bows of the four levels of the ground floor, "World 2" of Princess Peach Showtime!