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Quartz Palworld: Where to farm this resource to create printed circuits?

 Do you want to create printed circuits to progress in your installations in Palworld, but you are missing the quartz to make them from your workbench or your production line? In this article, we explain how to get one!

Quartz Palworld: Where to farm this resource to create printed circuits?

Where to find and farm Quartz in Palworld?

There is only one area in which you will be able to find quartz on Palworld: the Pristine Snowfield Mountains. This area is located in the far north of your world map, west of the great desert.

Although there are other snowy areas, quartz only appears in areas where the cold is severe. So, you will only be able to farm quartz in this high level zone.

Where to find and farm Quartz in Palworld

Low-level extractor Pals (Digtoise, Rushoar or even Dumud) will be more than sufficient to extract the quartz . However, to collect a large quantity, you will need to have storage space: leave with empty pockets, then with a few Pals in your team capable of improving the maximum weight you can carry (Kingpaca, Lunaris, Broncherry and Wumpo ).

How to survive the freezing cold?

Pristine Snowfields Mountain is a high level (+40) area that is proving to be very problematic in many aspects. The environment and many opponents will not be kind to you, at least during the day. This is why we advise you to go to this area only after having reached character level 40, having good quality weapons, well-improved Pals and above all with clothing against the cold .

To survive the cold during the day, the heated metal armor will be more than sufficient to avoid taking damage from the cold. On the other hand, once night falls, you will have to rely on the heated refined metal armor or a Pal capable of warming you when mounted. Two Pals meet this very specific criterion: Arsox and Kistun .

Arsox is a land mount that you can find in the Azure Dragon Beach area, west of the small desert that is home to the Anubis boss . You can also come across him in the forest area to the north of the Pristine Snowfields Mountain.

Kitsun , also a land mount, is, on the other hand, a little more interesting to seek out insofar as it can protect you from the cold as well as the heat once mounted. You can find him at the top of the frozen mountain, but at night !