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Ragnahawk Palworld: Capture, reproduction... How to obtain this Pal?

 Want to get Ragnahawk, but don't know how to encounter him in Palworld? In this article, we explain how to get your hands on it!

Ragnahawk in Palworld

This species appears to be closely related to Beakon, but not at all. Feeds mainly on rocks, so its beak and head harden over the years.

Ragnahawk in Palworld

  • Type: Fire
  • Partner Skills: Flaming Wings - When mounted, grants the player's attacks Fire type
  • Work capacity: Firestarting lv.3 and Transport lv.3
  • Dropped objects: Ignition organ
  • Encounter Level: ~37

Ragnahawk is a very good mount for the mid-game. It is faster than Nitewing, but is also interesting for your character in that its partner skill allows you to confer the Fire type on all your attacks. Ragnahawk isn't the best flying mount, but is great for transitioning before Faleris.

Once the mid-game is over, Ragnahawk will be perfect for maintaining your camp. Thanks to his “Transport lv.3” work ability, he will be able to collect all resources quickly and efficiently. Moreover, it is also very good for the furnace, thanks to its fire-starting capacity!

How to get Ragnahawk with breeding?

To obtain Ragnahawk through breeding, you have a plethora of possible Pals associations! In this first reproduction section for Ragnahawk, we have included parents who can be obtained relatively early during your adventure: logically you will have no problem obtaining them!

  • Mossanda + Elizabee
  • Nitewing + Elizabee
  • Cinnamoth + Relaxaurus
  • Surfent + Helzephyr

If, however, you want to create the perfect Pal, including legendary Pals, here are some recipes that can allow you to generate an egg that holds a Ragnahawk with excellent passives.

  • Helzephyr + Anubis
  • Anubis + Grizzbolt
  • Blazehowl + Necromus
  • Katress + Paladius
  • Katress + Necromus

How to capture a Ragnahawk in Palworld?

Ragnahawk can be found, day or night, on the beaches and cliffs of Black Volcano, the volcanic area west of Palpagos that is level 30 to 40.

To effectively weaken Ragnahawk, you will need to use Water-type Pals. On the other hand, to survive, you must ensure that Pals with the Grass or Ice type are excluded from your group. Ragnahawk's type is a real weakness for them.

To capture it, bring Ultra Spheres, otherwise the capture rate will be much too low for you to catch it easily. If, however, you feel that the capture rate is still too low, we invite you to improve your capture strength with the statue of power using Lifmunk statues. They can be found all over Palpagos, so climb on a flying mount, then go looking for small green statues. Note that they are easier to discern at night, so do this expedition after dark!