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Reptyro Palworld: Capture, reproduction... How to get this Pal?

Are you looking for Reptyro in Palworld, but don't know where to look in the world map to find him? Find in this article all the information you need to know about this Pal!

Reptyro in Palworld

Magma-like blood flows through his veins. If a large amount of water is poured on it, it will immediately heat up and produce a huge explosion of steam.

Reptyro in Palworld

  • Type : Fire / Earth
  • Partner Skills : Crystal Breaking Beast - Ore breaks more easily when mounted
  • Work capacity : Extraction lv.3 and Fire lighting lv.2
  • Dropped objects : Ignition organ
  • Encounter Level : ~35

Reptyro is an excellent Pal for combat . He is much worse than Anubis or Warsect, but rivals many other Earth-type Pals. So if you don't have any good Earth-type Pals yet, don't hesitate to include him in your combat team!

If, however, you already have Anubis or Warsect, don't throw this Pal in the Pals Box! On the contrary, we advise you to place it in a camp that mainly deals with resource extraction. Thanks to his “Extraction” job ability at level 3, he will be able to extract deposits with ease!

How to get Reptyro with breeding?

If you want to obtain a perfect Reptyro by reproducing two Pals with positive passive traits, find below some associations of Pals that you can operate to obtain an egg which contains a Reptyro .

  • Mossanda + Beakon
  • Incineram + Suzaku
  • Grintale + Orserk
  • Sibelyx + Helzephyr
  • Azurobe + Orserk
  • Mammorest + Quivern

Where to find Reptyro in Palworld?

Reptyro is a Pal that can be found both during the day and at night, so you won't have to worry about what time you're going to go looking for him. This Pal only appears in one place on the map, namely Black Volcano .

To have a good percentage chance of capturing it, we advise you to use Ultra Spheres . The Tera Spheres may allow you to obtain it, but several attempts will undoubtedly be necessary.

If you're really struggling to get it, don't hesitate to improve your capture chance percentage at the Statue of Power . This installation may seem secondary, but is actually a godsend for saving spheres!