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Rise of the Ronin: 7 tips and tricks to get your adventure off to a good start

 That's it, Rise of the Ronin is available, and if you want to embark on the adventure and especially the highest difficulty levels, you will have to prepare yourself well. Here are some tips to know before you get started.

Rise of the Ronin: 7 tips and tricks to get your adventure off to a good start

Understand dodges and counters

The first point on which we wanted to advise you is the dodge/parry system. The first useful key will be L1 which puts you in guard position, which will allow you to block enemy attacks, except red attacks and gunfire.

For firearms, you will also have to use the key TRIANGLE. This allows you to make a counter: and if you do it at the right time, you will avoid the attack. This key combo will also be very important in melee combat. If you place it when your enemy launches their attack you will parry it and counterattack, inflicting damage to their HP and Ki.

Finally, if your enemy is ever surrounded by a red aura, know that it is impossible to parry his attack . In this case, you will have to use CIRCLE which allows you to dodge in the direction where your left stick is pointing at that moment.

Learn to manage your Ki

In the previous advice, we talked several times about Ki which is a very important element . Indeed, this bar will allow you a lot of things, such as being able to launch special attacks or simply block attacks.

Be careful though because this bar goes down and when it is empty, you are harmless, unable to attack or dodge for a while , which will give your enemies plenty of time to inflict heavy damage on you. To avoid this, avoid chaining actions together too much to give it time to fill up, or use a consumable to raise the bar.

But you won't be the only one to have a Ki bar and that of your enemies will also go down. When it is empty, you will have the possibility of inflicting a big attack with TRIANGLE which will remove a lot of life . So don't give your enemies time to take advantage of it.

More the merrier, the merrier

Are you having trouble completing certain missions? Well, the good news is that Rise of the Ronin includes a whole cooperative dimension to its game. You can play up to three cooperatively to make your life easier on this mission that bothers you.

You prefer to play solo, but still need a helping hand. As the game progresses, you will build relationships with NPCs that you will be able to summon during these missions to give you a helping hand, without however activating the multiplayer part.

Adapt your equipment according to your gameplay

It may seem silly to RPG regulars, but in Rise of the Ronin, adapting your equipment to your playstyle is very important! In fact, you will have four main characteristics , one of which you will seek to boost as much as possible.

However, if you look more closely at the information on the equipment, you will see that it will give stat boosts. So it's better to equip those that give boosts in the stats you're already looking to increase.

In addition, pay close attention to the different effects offered by them. Sometimes it will be better to have a little less armor value, but effects that are more in line with what you are going to look for. Some also have set effects that require a certain number of set pieces equipped to activate.

Don't forget to take the banners

During your adventure, you will come across a lot of banners which are generally save points which allow you to regain your life, to summon allies, whether they are AI or other players, all in return for making the enemies.

Except that these banners are also fast teleportation points. It is therefore important to sometimes take a small detour when you are told on the radar that a banner is nearby. This will allow you to move around the map more efficiently.

Do release/karma side events as soon as possible

As you wander around the map, you will often come across two particular events. The first is the liberation of the village. Kill all the enemies and you can allow NPCs to return, including some merchants, which can be very interesting.

Another event to do is that of Karma, which can be recognized by its banner-shaped icon. By completing them, you will earn karma points which will fill a gauge. Once this is completed, the next time you touch a banner, the karma points will be transformed into experience points.

Don't overuse auto travel

Finally, if unlocking the banners is important for quickly covering the map, don't overuse fast travel either, because you will inevitably miss a lot of things. We think, for example, of the karma events we have just talked about.

But in addition to that, there is a crafting dimension in the game, particularly for healing items. So make manual trips from time to time via the horse which allows you to move faster, while collecting resources to be sure not to run out of crafting ingredients.