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Rise of the Ronin Cats: How to catch them and what are they for?

 Once the introduction to Rise of the Ronin is over, you are dropped into an open world map and you will surely soon come across small felines throughout your adventures. But what are these cats for and is it worth catching them? This is what we invite you to discover in this article.

Cats and silver coins

If you're going to quickly come across cats in Rise of the Ronin, we're not really going to fully explain to you what it's going to be used for. However, the first time you get your hands on one, you will be warned that finding one is rewarded with silver coins.

These silver coins, you should know that they are a special currency of the game. It will be added to that which you will be able to find conventionally or recover when you sell your equipment that no longer serves you to a merchant.

Let's talk about the merchants. While most will use traditional currency, others, like the horse seller for example, will ask you for silver coins to be able to buy a new horse for example. New mount that will allow you to move faster and even have combat bonuses.

You will understand, even if at first, we do not have all the information about these cats, it is important to take the time to do these small secondary missions which do not require a lot of time and allow you to obtain valuable currency.

Find cats in Rise of the Ronin to get exclusive items!

Where finding cats in Rise of the Ronin will come into its own is when you have advanced enough in the main quest to meet Usugumo Dayu in the pleasure district of the city of Yokohama.

You can't miss it, it's at the entrance to the main building where you usually meet Taka and it has a cat's head icon above its head. Go talk to her and she will reveal that her cats have escaped and that you must help her find them.

If you do so, well, you will unlock a special store with the latter which functions as follows. Each time you find a cat, you will unlock new items in its shop, items that may be interesting.

Indeed, you will find emotes, furniture for your Nagaya, charisma treaties that boost this skill or even set objects. Not everything is necessarily worth it, but there are still some that are worth the detour.

How to catch cats for Usugumo Dayu?

How to catch cats for Usugumo Dayu?

The last question that remains is how to catch these cats in Rise of the Ronin. For most, it's not very complicated. You will hear them meowing when you approach them and they are not really hidden. Search in tall grass and on rooftops and you should easily find them.

Be careful though with Calicos, who are cats that don't really appreciate you trying to catch them. If you approach directly in front of them, they will have a bar that fills up like the enemies when you try to approach quietly.

If it fills up to the maximum, the cat will flee and you will have to wait a little while before it decides to come back. You must therefore be gentle and move behind them and above all discreetly to be able to catch them. In total, you will have 100 cats to collect to be able to get the biggest rewards from Usugumo Dayu.