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Rise of the Ronin Fighting Styles and Stances: How does it work and how many are there?

 On Rise of the Ronin, combat is obviously a central element. One of the most important mechanics to understand in the game is fighting styles and stances. We explain everything you need to know about it in this article.

How many fighting styles are available in Rise of the Ronin?

The first thing we will see in this article are the fighting styles of which there are three in Rise of the Ronin :

  • Jin
  • Chi
  • Ten

These fighting styles, they are going to be linked to an element themselves, and like in many games, this involves strengths and weaknesses.

When you are in a position of strength compared to another fighting style, you will simply inflict more damage on it and conversely, if you are in a position of weakness, your damage will logically be reduced. To help you understand all this, the game has implemented a fairly simple system.

Just look at the arrow above your enemy's life bar. If it is white, you will have neither an advantage nor disadvantage. If it is blue, you will be in a favorable position and you will inflict more damage and if it is red, you are at a disadvantage.

We therefore advise you to take advantage of the quick exchange system with R1 + right joystick to adopt postures corresponding to the 3 different fighting styles. This way, you will ensure that you never find yourself unprepared with a fighting style at a disadvantage.

How many fighting styles are available in Rise of the Ronin

Postures: how do they work?

However, things don't stop there! As we have just said, Jin, Chi, and Ten are the three big categories that will be at the origin of the strengths and weaknesses. However, these will come in a whole multitude of diverse and varied postures.

These postures will allow you to have access to numerous combos and each type of weapon will generally have between 2 and 5 different postures that are specific to it, even if there are certain types that will only have one. only one. So this adds a little more depth to the system.

How to unlock new postures in Rise of the Ronin?

But then, how do you unlock new postures and fighting styles in Rise of the Ronin? Well, there are two main methods. The first, and the one you will use the most, is the hunt for fugitives on the game map.

These are indicated with a "=" symbol and when you defeat them, you will be able to get your hands on new postures. The other method to get more is simply to build relationships with the NPCs you meet.

By talking to them, going their way when making conversation choices or even giving them gifts, you will gain friendship levels and this will allow you to unlock fighting styles when you level up.