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Rise of the Ronin: How to collect pre-order bonuses?

 Rise of the Ronin has finally been released after long months of waiting and if you have fallen in love before its time, you are entitled to some bonuses. In this article, we tell you how to recover them in-game, because as you will see, it is not necessarily well indicated.

How to collect your pre-order bonuses on Rise of the Ronin?

On a lot of games, you get your pre-order bonuses from the home menu, but you should know that on Rise of the Ronin this is not the case. Worse still, you'll have to play for a while before you can finally get your hands on them and equip them.

Indeed, if you start the adventure in a straight line, it won't take that long. Except that if you also do the side quests, public order disturbances or even fugitive hunts, this can clearly lengthen the time before obtaining them.

How to collect your pre-order bonuses on Rise of the Ronin

As you will have understood, the first thing to do will simply be to continue your main quest until your first companion suggests that you find a place where you can rest, the Nagaya which will serve as your base.

So go there and normally the first time you go in, you should have a pop-up that appears telling you that you have received your pre-order bonuses. If you ordered the Digital Deluxe edition, this is also where you can get your hands on your rewards.

What bonuses and how to equip them?

Regardless of the edition you ordered, you will have the right to essentially the same thing, that is to say a weapon, an outfit and fighting styles. For fighting styles, go to the equip page with your weapons and you can equip them.

When it comes to armor or outfits, the problem that will arise is that they do not necessarily correspond to what you need. So you might say to yourself that you just have to not use these bonuses, but wait a little, because that's not the case!

Indeed, still at Nagaya, you will have an option that will be interesting. To do this, go to the stewardship menu and choose to change the appearance of your equipment. In this menu, you will simply change the appearance of your equipment.

However, each time you unlock a new style, it will be available. From then on, you can simply apply the pre-order skins, while keeping your current equipment. A good way to enjoy it, even if it doesn't correspond to what you're looking for.