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Rise of the Ronin: How to customize your character and redesign appearance and clothing

 If you feel like re-editing your character from scratch in Rise of the Ronin or would like to redesign the look of his clothing and appearance, this is the method by which you can do it.

Rise of the Ronin: How to customize your character and redesign appearance and clothing

Customization in Rise of the Ronin is the order of the day, and Team Ninja has made an effort to give players enough tools to create their main character however they like in this title. After starting a new game and going through a detailed character creator , it's likely that later in the game some will want to change what their ronin looks like again. You may even want to dress your hero in the appearance of certain pieces of equipment, but without losing the effects of another one that has better stats and that you have equipped. Well, all this is possible and we are going to explain how in this entry of our guide so that you do not have any doubts.

How to customize the character and redesign his appearance?

Once you have started a game in Rise of the Ronin, you will be able to edit your character's appearance and everything related to it again later , but to do so you will first have to progress far enough in the main story missions .

Specifically, you must at least reach the mission titled "Find Your Other Half" , which begins upon your arrival in the city of Yokohama . Shortly after starting this mission and advancing its objectives, you will unlock the communal home , a kind of house to which you can return whenever you want to rest and do other activities.

Precisely, within the communal home you will have two options for customizing your character. Both are found in the "Relax" section and are the following:

  • Redesign: With this option you can modify the appearance and clothing of your character to your liking, including their weapons .
  • Appearance: with this option you can access the character creation menu again to modify the appearance of your ronin as you wish.

The "Redesign" feature is especially useful as it allows you to modify any item of equipment your character is wearing, but without losing or changing the current stats of your equipped weapons and armor. So, for example, you can visually equip specific boots that you like because of their design, but keep the statistics of the best boots you have equipped at that moment.

Additionally, in this menu you have access to the skins for any piece of equipment you have unlocked to date , even if you have already sold them at merchants. In any case, remember that if you later prefer to return to the visual design of the equipped items, you can go to the "Equipment" menu, press the button on the controller pad and select the "Reverse appearance" option with the Triangle button to undo the changes. changes applied.

On the other hand, the "Appearance" function works just as you would expect, giving you access to the character creator again to touch up any details of your hero and also your Twin Sheet , including the options to save data, create codes or enter those of other players.

Now you know what you have to do to completely customize your character in Rise of the Ronin to your liking. These options mentioned in the longhouse will be available for the rest of the game whenever you want, so take advantage of them however you want.