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Rise of the Ronin: How to fast forward time and change time?

 Rise of the Ronin has a day and night cycle, but we can change the time of day and time whenever we want through a couple of methods. Here we tell you what they are.

Rise of the Ronin: How to fast forward time and change time?

In Rise of the Ronin, we can enjoy a day and night cycle while we explore the open world, something that undoubtedly provides greater realism and immersion to the Team Ninja title, but you may wonder if it is possible to change or advance the time of the day when you feel like it. For certain activities, it can come in handy, such as completing photo challenges or fighting fugitives who only appear at certain times.

Well, yes it is possible, and in this entry of our guide, we are going to reveal how to do it if you have not yet discovered it for yourself.

How to change the time of day or advance time?

To change the time or time of day in Rise of the Ronin, this game offers two different options and both are unlocked by progressing through the main story, so you will not have them available from the beginning. Let's review them below...

Rest in the communal home

The first thing you have to do is advance enough in the story to begin the mission titled "Find Your Other Half", which begins upon your arrival in the city of Yokohama. Once you start this mission, meet with Ryoma Sakamoto's character and go with him to the pleasure district.

After several scenes, you'll unlock the Miyozaki Longhouse, a house where you can talk to your allies and do other things, such as advance the time of day.

  • For this, he enters the communal home.
  • Among the available options, you have to choose the "Relax" option.
  • Then select "Rest".
  • The game will allow you to sleep until morning, noon, or night.
  • Choose an option to change the time of day to your liking.

Use the pocket watch

Apart from the method described above, there is also another that is much more comfortable if possible. After unlocking the communal home as we have explained, when you leave it for the first time Ryoma will give you the key item "Pocket Watch".

With this clock, you can change the time in exactly the same way as in the case of breaks within the communal home, but with a notable difference, and that is that you can advance the time wherever you are in the world. Simply equip the watch in a free slot in your item inventory and take it out of your pocket.

When you take out the clock, the game will ask you how far you want to advance the time. And that's it, you can do it without having to specifically visit the communal home to do so. It couldn't be more comfortable and easy.