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Rise of the Ronin: How to get the glider to fly?

 Do you want to fly over the world of Rise of the Ronin as if you were a bird? We explain how to obtain the glider, the equipment item with which you can travel long distances comfortably.

Exploring the enormous world of Rise of the Ronin is a task that will take a lot of time, but your trips can be more comfortable when you already have the glider, a gadget that gives your protagonist a kind of wings so that he can fly over long distances in a short time. time. Have you been playing for a while and haven't gotten it yet? Pay attention because in this entry of our guide, we tell you how you can easily get hold of it.

How to get the glider?

The glider also called the Avicula in Rise of the Ronin, is an object that is used to fly like a bird through the sky and that can be obtained shortly after starting to play in the open world.

Generally, most players should find this item as part of the course of the main story, but some may overlook it depending on the decisions they make.

To do this, keep the following in mind:

  • To get the glider you must advance through the main Ronin missions until you reach the one titled "Curtain Down, Curtain Up".
  • During this mission that is activated in Ishikawa together with the eccentric ronin you will have to infiltrate the magistrate's estate to search for the leader of the bandits.
  • After finding the boss and fighting him, you will obtain the key to the estate's warehouse.
  • Once you have this key in your possession, go down the stairs you went up to deal with the boss and turn left to go down a slope towards the warehouse.
  • Open the warehouse doors and inside you will find an area treasure chest containing the glider as a guaranteed reward.
How to get the glider

You will make this visit to the hacienda warehouse as part of the story if you decide to spare the life of the bandit leader after defeating him. On the other hand, if you kill him, although you will still get the key to the warehouse, the mission itself will not ask you to go through it and that is why you may get confused and pass it by.

In any case, if for whatever reason you have not visited this mentioned warehouse but you already fought the boss of the estate and have the key, return to the location indicated on this map to find the chest we told you about:

Once the chest is opened, the glider will be yours for the rest of the game. Using it is very simple, you just have to press the X button when you jump from a high height to spread the Avicula's wings and fly with the wind.

Later in the story, after completing the main mission "Locate the Chamber", you will unlock Igashichi's technology development menu in Yokohama, a character to whom you can give foreign books to acquire new technologies, including some upgrades for the Avicula such as the one that allows you to fly at greater speed while consuming more ki.