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Rise of the Ronin: How to get horses easily and unlock better ones

 Horses are an excellent mount for getting around the world of Rise of the Ronin more quickly and comfortably, and you can get them very early in the game. We explain how!

Traveling through the world of Rise of the Ronin on foot can be exhausting, but luckily, the Team Ninja game offers several options to move more comfortably through its large areas. From fast trips to a glider to fly and, of course, horses to ride at a gallop.

In this entry of our guide, in case you have any doubts about it, we are going to explain how you can unlock your first horse for free in the game and how to get more and better horses throughout the game so that nothing stops you on your adventure through Japan.

How to get the first free horse?

How to get the first free horse

The first mount you can get in your game of Rise of the Ronin may be completely free, without you having to spend money on it, and you may pass it by without realizing it. For this reason, here we are going to tell you how to get it so that you don't miss the opportunity.

After starting the game's story and completing the prologue, you will finally go out into the open world of Rise of the Ronin and you will be in the Honmoku region, in the mission The Bridge to Yokohama. Your first objective will be to go to said city, but on the way there you will be able to pass through a first public order area that is located where we show you on this map:

Go to that place and clear the area by killing all your enemies. This will free the small village from rival forces and the villagers will be able to return to their daily tasks. Additionally, you will unlock a Veiled Edge banner at that location.

Well, just after liberating the area, next to the aforementioned banner you can find a horse that is next to the corpse of a bandit. Approach this corpse and search its belongings to unlock the Chestnut Horse and the Equestrian Flute .

With the horse flute from now on you can call your horse to come quickly to the position you are in. In addition to this, now the Chestnut Horse will be yours forever, so you can now use it to explore the world. It's not the best horse available, but it's more than enough to keep you progressing through the story until you can get better ones.

How to buy new horses and tack?

Of course, in addition to the method that we have described above to get your first horse in the game, in Rise of the Ronin you can acquire and unlock more mounts in the stables that you will find scattered around the world, along with tack. that improve their attributes.

  • The stables are a series of merchants who sell horses and also tack for the mounts.
  • You will recognize where there are these types of stalls by their icon with a horse symbol.
  • Depending on the stable you visit, the merchant will have one or another horse with better statistics for sale.
  • Both horses and tack cost silver coins and have their own attributes and passive bonuses.
  • You can buy more than one horse and then use the "Change Horses" option in the stables to alternate your main mount.
Following the natural course of the story, you will find your first stable in the Ishikawa region, but there are more, for example, in the city of Yokohama and other areas of the world as you progress. Don't hesitate to visit them to see what type of frames they have for sale and spend your coins to buy the best ones.