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Rise of the Ronin: How to Get Silver Coins Easily - Methods

 Silver coins are one of the most important and precious currencies in Rise of the Ronin. Here we reveal the main methods to accumulate a large amount of them in a short time.

One of the main currencies available in Rise of the Ronin and that are used for all types of important transactions in the game are the so-called silver coins . In addition to regular money, these types of special coins can be used to redeem rewards from select merchants and merchants, which will help you obtain skill point treaties , new equipment, emotes, and much more .

For this reason, silver coins are very valuable , but also scarce . Unlike money, they are not accumulated in huge quantities. However, in this entry of our guide we are going to show you the methods to accumulate many easily and quickly.

How to get silver coins?

Silver coins can be obtained in multiple ways in Rise of the Ronin, although almost always in small quantities. The most accessible and easiest methods to accumulate them from almost the beginning of the game is by completing secondary activities , making chance encounters and playing online cooperative missions .

  • For example, the best way to get a lot of silver coins is by completing side quests.
  • Most quests, both character bond quests and community quests, offer silver coins among their rewards.
  • Also commissions from "Scenes of Interest" photography studios can deliver this type of coins as a reward.
  • Before accepting and carrying out any of these, see if it awards this type of coin.
  • Sometimes while exploring, chance encounters with people who need help will appear (banner symbol with an exclamation mark). Agree to do whatever they want and you can receive silver coins.
  • If you can afford to play story missions online, do so, as cooperating with other players will earn you more silver coins.
  • Don't forget that you will also be able to repeat missions to get more rewards again.

Other secondary methods

On the other hand, in addition to what has been said, in general, the majority of optional activities in the game where you can set records are another fantastic way to obtain more silver coins. We refer to the following:

  • Firearms training
  • Horse shooting training
  • Flight training
  • Dojo combat training
The first three types of training are now available in Yokohama, while for the Dojo you will have to wait to have access to Edo and Kyoto.

Likewise, peregrine dogs are another good source of silver coins. These dogs will become available during Chapter 1 of the game, after reaching a certain point in the story, and you will recognize them because they wander randomly around different areas of the world with bags of money around their necks (they appear with an orange icon on the compass).

If you come across dogs on your way, pet them to get guaranteed silver coins . Remember to release public order areas in the territories to increase the appearance of these dogs. By combining all these methods that we have told you, you will surely have many silver coins to spend on whatever you want sooner rather than later.