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Rise of the Ronin: How to replay missions and change your decisions?

 Do you want to replay missions you've already completed in your Rise of the Ronin adventure or would you even like to change your decisions to see how the story can change? There is a method!

Rise of the Ronin: How to replay missions and change your decisions?

In Rise of the Ronin your actions have consequences, but one great thing about this Team Ninja title is that nothing is final. Have you made a decision that you regret? Would you like to take another path to see how history changes? Do you want to repeat missions that you have already completed? All of that is possible.

As? Well, thanks to a mechanic that the game itself introduces at a certain point and that allows players to retrace their own steps. In this entry of our guide, we are going to reveal how to access it (in case you are impatient and can't wait to discover it for yourself).

How to replay missions and change decisions made?

At a certain point in Rise of the Ronin's main story, the game will allow you to go back and replay missions you've already completed, or even overturn decisions already made. This can be done concretely thanks to the so-called Testament of the soul.

This book is an item that will become available when you travel to the Edo region, starting with the quest Those Who Gather in Edo, which takes place near the final stretch of Chapter 1 of the story. You will find it inside the Saihoji Temple of Senzoku.

Once you can use this will, you will be able to explore the entire chronology of the game and do the following:

  • Replay already completed missions: both story and character bond missions.
  • Take alternative paths in the story: for example to prevent a character from dying or to support another faction.
  • Return to places you have already visited: to close pending matters in each area of ​​the world (for example to complete missions that you had not started, to collect collectibles, etc...)

You must keep in mind that repeating missions and taking different actions than the first time may have effects in the present. That is, when you use the will to replay missions or repeat story scenes where there are important dialogue options, if you perform different acts than the first time, you can cause changes to the "present" plot line, when you return to your current state.

In addition to this, by the way, visiting old areas, such as going from Edo to Yokohama, also helps you continue leveling up your character and obtaining new equipment. Everything you get in your inventory using the Will of the Soul will be saved when you return to your present, and if you complete side quests or collect collectibles, these will also count when you return to the present.

When you are using the will of the soul remember that you can return to your current time from the "System" menu, or you can also do it from the communal home, with its own option for it (but the first is more convenient).

And that's all you had to know about it. As you can see, Testament of the Soul is a fantastic mechanic to retrace your steps and explore everything Rise of the Ronin has to offer without necessarily having to create new games from scratch.