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Rise of the Ronin: How to transfer bonuses and effects between different pieces of equipment

 Would you like to install a specific bonus effect on a weapon or piece of armor that another item on your equipment has in Rise of the Ronin? We tell you what the method is for this.

The more you play Rise of the Ronin, the more and more equipment items you will earn. In this game, you can accumulate a ridiculously high number of weapons and armor parts in your inventory, and all of them have various bonuses or special effects that grant certain advantages. The problem is that these are always random, so to have a very cool weapon or armor, with just the bonuses that you most want, can be a lottery...

Luckily, the game makes available to players a method known as link transfer, or what would be the same: moving bonus items to install them on others that interest us. How do you do this? We tell you about it in this entry of our guide in case you have questions.

How to install equipment bonuses on an item with link transfer?

How to install equipment bonuses on an item with link transfer

The aforementioned transfer of links in Rise of the Ronin to install bonuses from one piece of equipment to another that interests us can be carried out in this game only if you have a special item in your inventory. Below we explain what it is and how this mechanic works:

  • The item you will need is called a Link Jewel and with it you can practice transferring links at any blacksmith shop in the game (or at traveling merchants).
  • By transferring links you can transfer a special effect from one piece of equipment to another.
  • This can only be done as long as the final item (the one that will receive the effect) has a free space for another bonus in its slots.
  • Additionally, each transfer will use a Link Jewel, but will also require money and materials in the process.
  • Please note that once the transfer is completed, the piece of equipment you used to initiate the transfer will be lost forever.
  • Therefore, you can only transfer a single effect from each piece of equipment to another.

As we know you're going to ask yourself, pay attention to this fact: Link Jewels are an item that you can receive as a reward for completing certain missions. In fact, during the main story missions themselves, you will receive some to put the link transfer into practice.

But apart from this, if you are looking for Guaranteed Bond Jewels because you need them and you don't have any, remember that you can find them for sale at black market merchants for a modest price of silver coins. The merchant next to the Yokohama longhouse, for example, sells them.

This mechanic can be tremendously useful to enhance your weapons and armor with the best effects that you achieve throughout the game and in this way build an unstoppable build . Don't hesitate to take advantage of what we just told you!