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Rise of the Ronin multiplayer: How to join a game or summon AI allies?

 In Rise of the Ronin, you will have to face many enemies, alone or with others via a multiplayer functionality. We explain to you about co-op mode and the Nagaya system which allows you to join a game or summon allies.

Rise of the Ronin multiplayer: How to join a game or summon AI allies?

Multiplayer in Rise of the Ronin is cooperative for up to 3 players

Let's start by telling you that on Rise of the Ronin, you will have the possibility of playing with not 1, but up to 2 friends if you wish. To do this, the first step will be to launch a game with online features.

Once this is done, you will have the possibility to call allies for certain main missions. Before they start, you will be able to form a team of three which can be made up of players that you invite or of allies controlled by the game.

This feature is not available from the start of the game, but when you arrive in Yokohama, if you continue to follow the main mission, you will soon have the first one which will offer you to go on an adventure with two comrades.

How to join a game? Thanks to your Nagaya

To join a game with a friend, there is nothing very complicated. The latter must send you the invitation and this can be done in two ways. The first is directly from the screen to launch the mission we told you about just before.

The other option is to have progressed in the main story until you have your own base, your Nagaya, in Yokohama. There, you will be able to manage a lot of things, including being able to invite players to join your game. Besides, if you want to play multiplayer via matchmaking, that's where it's at!

Indeed, among the possibilities offered, there is that of simply joining a game at random. Please note that if you help other players, you will obviously have rewards waiting for you and will allow you to progress in your own game later.

How to summon AI allies on missions?

The problem is that you don't necessarily want to play online or your friends may not be available. In this case, you will be able to launch these missions with two allies who will this time be controlled by the game.

To obtain these allies, you will have to do side quests in the game. As you provide services to NPCs, you will increase a friendship score with them who will then be able to join you for these fights.

All you have to do is select them on the mission launch screen and they will accompany you. Everyone will have their strong and weak points. It's up to you to form a coherent team when you have enough NPCs available for that.