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Rise of the Ronin: Which character origin to choose to start and which one is better

 When starting a new game in Rise of the Ronin you will have to choose between 6 different Blade's Edge origins for your character. What do these classes consist of or which one is the most recommended?

Rise of the Ronin: Which character origin to choose to start and which one is better

At the beginning of your game in Rise of the Ronin, in addition to encountering a deep and detailed character creation menu, you will also have to make an important decision that will in some way determine your first steps: choosing a Blade's Edge origin.

The origin you select will more or less determine the class of your protagonist, so you may be wondering which one you should choose or which one is the most recommended. In this entry of our guide, we are going to try to shed some light on this topic in case you are not clear.

Which Blade's Edge origin should you choose?

In Rise of the Ronin there are up to 6 types of Blade's Edge origins that you can choose from for your character after starting a new game. As we have already said before, these origins could be considered as classes for the protagonist, so that each one defines the character's abilities towards a certain type of playing style and his advisable weapons.

Each of the origins is designed for the following base characteristics :

  • Assassin: An origin designed for players who like to use strength abilities. It is recommended to use Katanas, Odachis, or Greatswords and parts with the "Repel arrows and bullets (when counterattacking)" skill.
  • Ki Breaker: This origin prioritizes the skill and art of ninjutsu, specializing your character in Dual Swords and Bayonets and with the "Quick Kills" skill already acquired.
  • Seductive: with this origin you seek to increase the charisma of your character. You part with the eloquently learned "Lying" skill and master weapons such as Naginatas and Daos.
  • Reaver: This origin is intended for spy players, as it increases intelligence, medicine manufacturing, and negotiations, comes with the "Recharge (pills)" skill and is advisable for Spears and Sabers.
  • Beginner: This origin does not have a specific specialization, but rather is a carte blanche that allows players to choose the skills they prefer to focus on.
  • No Edge of the Blade: with this origin, the base parts are weaker, with fewer points in the main attributes and only the basic skills unlocked.
As you can see, depending on the style of play that you are interested in developing throughout your game, you should choose the origin that best suits your tastes. For example, if you want to focus primarily on the melee combat of this game regardless of everything else, then the "Assassin" origin is the most recommended.

If, on the other hand, for example, you want to take advantage of the production of medicines, be an expert in negotiations with merchants, or obtain more resources around the world, the "Looter" origin is the most advisable for this.

On the other hand, if what you want is to give yourself a more difficult challenge, the origin "No Edge of the Blade" is undoubtedly designed to add an extra degree of complication to your game. Which will undoubtedly be very attractive for the most hardcore players looking for a special challenge.

In any case, remember that you can choose one of these origins and change it during the prologue if you are not convinced by the weapons for which they are recommended or you have changed your mind.

What is the best origin?

In our opinion, there is no best or worst Blade's Edge origin to choose from in Rise of the Ronin. We have already seen that each one focuses on promoting a different style of play, so it will depend on each person's tastes to determine which is the best or the most notable. Generally speaking, no one is more hooked than the other to begin with, in case that's what you were wondering.

In any case, we do find it interesting to highlight the "Beginner" origin for several reasons.

  • This origin allows you to distribute up to 6 skill points as you see fit, which does not pressure you to follow a single path or play style in the first few hours.
  • You can adapt to a greater variety of styles at the same time with this origin, starting from the beginning with more skills than in the rest of the origins.
  • In addition, the "Beginner" origin (as its name already indicates) is a good option for players new to this type of game and for those who have doubts about specializations.
If you have never played Team Ninja titles before or are not sure which origin to choose, "Beginner" seems the most recommended to us to adjust the experience to your liking.

Be that as it may, don't get too obsessed with the origins. These don't limit you to using only certain weapons for the rest of the game or anything like that. During the adventure, you can still use any type of equipment you prefer and continue developing your character as you like. So, in our opinion, there is no reason to think too much about this initial choice.