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Servers in Palworld: how to create and configure a dedicated server


Servers in Palworld: how to create and configure a dedicated server

If you plan to play Palworld with friends or create clans and manage everything from the shadows, then you will need to run a separate server that will be active regardless of your presence in the game. In this guide we will tell you how to connect and configure a dedicated server.

How to set up a dedicated server via Steam

After purchasing Palworld on Steam, you will have an additional application Palworld Dedicated Server. To configure your personal server for the first time, do the following:

  • Install and launch the application;
  • Right-click on “Palworld Dedicated Server” in your library, select “Manage” - “View local files” ;
  • Find “DefaultPalWorldSettings.ini” and open it using a text editor (Notepad);
  • Copy all the data from this file and paste it into the document “PalWorldSetting.ini”, which is located at “.../PalServer/Pal/Saves/Config/WindowsServer” ;
  • Press "Ctrl+F" to speed up text search and add the following information;
  • ServerName - set the server name;
  • ServerDescription - add a description if necessary;
  • AdminPassword - create a password for the admin panel and extended commands;
  • ServerPassword - set a password to log into the server.

After this, you need to install and configure another application.

How to set up SteamCMD

Open the official website and download the archive from step 1. This archive contains an application that needs to be placed not on the system drive, for example, on the drive (D:). For convenience, create a separate folder.

How to set up SteamCMD

Launch the application and wait a little while new components are installed and data is updated. Then write the following on the command line:

  • force_install_dir c:/Palworld_server/ - to automatically create the necessary folders on the disk (C:);
  • logon - to set the login and password;
  • logon anonymous - you can enter this data to skip the authorization section;
  • app_update 2394010 validate - update the data in the folder so that you can start your server. This update takes on average 5 minutes;
  • After finishing, check that in the document “DefaultPalWorldSettings.ini” next to “PublicPort” there is a value “8211” .
You can now open Palworld Dedicated Server, which will start and maintain your server as long as your console is turned on. If your server does not appear in the game, paste your port and IP address into the search box.

How to open ports on a router

To create a server in Palworld, you need to open ports 8211 and 8212 on the device you are using. To do this, go through your browser to your Wi-Fi router by entering “” in the search bar.

Note: Opening ports works with a PPPoE/PPPoE connection or a static IP address. If you have a dynamic IP address, you may have difficulty setting up. It would be best to contact your provider and discuss options for solving this problem.

How to set up a paid server

If you need a server that is available around the clock, but there is no way to support your game world or you cannot open the ports, then you can rent a server on third-party sites. There are officially several options available in Palworld:

  • XGamingServer - the minimum option of $10 will help you play with friends and maintain the game world around the clock, but for a large company you will have to take more expensive options;
  • Shockbyte - $12 monthly per server for up to 12 players;

In addition, there are many groups and popular bloggers who rent their servers and conduct various activities there. If you want an active and free server, then you should pay attention to such groups.