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Skull and Bones Boarding: How to deliver the final blow to weakened ships?

 When an enemy ship is weakened, you can approach it to deliver the final blow, while plundering numerous resources. But this exercise can sometimes be complicated: in this Skull and Bones article, we explain how to successfully board a ship!

Skull and Bones Boarding: How to deliver the final blow to weakened ships?

The boarding… What’s the point?

Boarding an enemy ship on Skull and Bones allows you to quickly destroy an opposing ship, without taking damage and while collecting additional resources that your spyglass had not necessarily indicated to you.

In addition, certain secondary quests clearly require approaching specific ships in order to collect certain rare resources, but also quest items. Also, if you are unable to collect quest items by looting the ships you have destroyed, do not hesitate to approach them to obtain the coveted loot.

Boarding: How to succeed for sure and how does it work?

Boarding an enemy ship is not really complicated, as you only need to press a single button to achieve your goal. No "real" combat will begin, just a cutscene validating the success of your boarding . Failure is not possible when you board a ship: from the moment when only one of your grappling hooks is caught in the opposing ship and you see the boarding cutscene, you can be sure of the success of your enterprise.

However, although you only have to press a single button, boarding requires a little handling to be successful: find below our best advice to always achieve your goals!

  • Weaken the enemy ship until a blue bar appears
  • Approach him quickly, then reduce your cruising speed when you are close to him
  • Aim at your opponent, then press the boarding key (△ on Playstation, Y on Xbox and R on PC) when it appears on your screen, while making sure to raise your reticle so that the grapples can have a better reach when to throw
  • Once your crew indicates that the enemy ship is caught, all that's left to do is enjoy the loot you've bravely collected

There's a little gymnastics to learn, but once you understand the system of speeding up, slowing down and then throwing grappling hooks, you'll be able to tackle any ships that get in your way.

On the other hand, it is important to note that the possibility of collision has a time limit. The blue bar does not stay forever and for several reasons: the ship is no longer in critical condition, the ship is moving away or the ship is destroyed. You must be extremely careful about the effects you apply to an opponent's ship: burning it will erode many life points until it explodes or sinks.