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Skull and Bones Legendary Treasure Maps: How do these PvP events work?

 Interested in the Hunt for the Cutthroat Shipment event, but not sure if the legendary treasure maps are really worth searching for? In this Skull and Bones article, we explain how these events work, but above all if the reward from this PvP event is worth the detour!

Skull and Bones Legendary Treasure Maps: How do these PvP events work?

Hunting for Cutthroat's Cargo... How do Legendary Treasure Map events work?

From time to time, the game will send you an invitation to participate in the Cutthroat Cargo Hunt. By accepting it, you will then be placed in a list with other players who have made the same decision as you.

By opening your map, you will be able to identify the meeting place, where the legendary treasure map will be dropped. During this hunt, the goal will be to collect this treasure map before all the other participants, and then head towards the outpost it indicates to collect legendary treasure. However, by participating in this event, you will enter PvP and other players marked in red (just like you) will be able to attack you to steal the famous card.

Hunting for Cutthroat's Cargo... How do Legendary Treasure Map events work

The advantage of legendary treasure maps is that you will not need to rack your brains: unlike recent maps or even old maps, the outpost where the treasure is buried is directly marked on your card. All you have to do is join him and then search the camp to find the treasure. Once you arrive on the beach, you will be safe. The risk lies only on the high seas.

Please note that fast travel is not allowed when you have the legendary card in your possession. You will therefore have to be fast, but above all careful when you have it, so sail with the fastest and strongest ship you have!

What do legendary treasure maps do?

Legendary treasure maps generally bring you much higher quality rewards than other maps, especially recent ones. To give you an example of the rewards you can get, here's what the legendary treasure gave us:

  • x3 Teak board
  • x4 Fine sisal
  • x3 Nickel Ingot
  • Grasshopper IV
  • Bastion II (protection)
  • 8996 silver
  • 182 of Infamy

The rewards aren't that legendary, but can provide a huge boost to arming a ship ! The risk incurred will allow you to avoid resource farming sessions to make new protection and new weapons while allowing you to fill your pockets.

How to properly prepare for these events?

If you want to participate in this type of event, you will have to prepare well, because the other participants will not be kind to you.

First, be sure to remove all resources from your hold. Legendary treasures cannot be collected if your hold is full. In addition, remember not to already have 5 treasure cards on you: you can only have 5 treasure cards in total, so collecting the legendary card will not be possible if you have already reached the possible limit!

Then, you will have to make sure to leave armed! Think about ammunition for each of your weapons, Repair Kits, but also Repair Kits in case your opponents have weapons that tear sails or slowly burn ships.

Finally, leave with provisions such as food so that your crew can regain stamina at any time and cooked meals that improve your performance at sea (repair, mitigation, stamina boost, etc.).