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Sulfur Palworld: Where to find it to craft gunpowder?

 Do you want to take the plunge by crafting ammunition and firearms on Palworld, but you lack the sulfur to craft gunpowder? In this article, we reveal the places where you can easily obtain this resource!

Sulfur Palworld: Where to find it to craft gunpowder?

Where to find sulfur in Palworld?

Sulfur is an essential resource for making gunpowder. Without it, you can say goodbye to bullets and guns.

Sulfur is not easy to farm early in the game, as it hides in areas with a high concentration of Pals and mercenaries, or in mid-tier areas.

Indeed, it can be found in dungeons, the kinds of caves which are hidden almost everywhere in Palworld. Upon entering these locations, you will encounter many mercenaries, Dark-type Pals, and the occasional brimstone.

To make it easier to discover the caves, we advise you to have Leezpunk in your team . This Pal has the Intuition partner ability which allows it to detect nearby dungeons.

  • Leezpunk Ignis are easy to obtain in red eggs, so don't hesitate to fly towards the Volcano, located in the southwest of the map to find them. On the other hand, bring cool clothing to avoid dying from heat.
Otherwise, to definitely find sulfur, we advise you to go to the desert areas (located to the north of the map and to the northeast) . There are sulfur deposits in these biomes that you can extract daily. They are yellow, so you can easily differentiate them from other deposits.

How to farm gunpowder without sulfur?

If resource harvesting isn't really your credo, but action is much more so. Note that you can obtain gunpowder other than by crafting it. Some Pals drop this resource, notably the Tocotoco.

However, be careful when you face them, because they are real time bombs that can eliminate you in no time.

On the other hand, no Pal is able to provide you with sulfur , so if crafting is not your strong point, we advise you to look for Tocotoco.

  • Tip: Don't hesitate to include Katress, Vaelet, Elphidran or Blazehowl Noct in your team to increase the number of items obtained if a non-elemental Pal is defeated!