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The best pawns in Dragon's Dogma 2: which traits to choose for each class


The best pawns in Dragon's Dogma 2: which traits to choose for each class

Companions are called pawns in Dragon's Dogma 2 , and they are designed to make gameplay easier and more varied. With the right squad, pawns will help defeat most enemies, find rare resources and obtain many consumables. And if at the beginning of the game their influence is minimal, then from the middle of the adventure, without understanding the strengths of your comrades, you can simply get stuck in a location. In this guide, we'll cover the best pawn classes and traits so you can assemble the perfect team.

What classes of pawns exist

In total, there are 6 classes, each with its own unique behavior and fighting style, which you need to choose depending on your preferences.

  • A fighter is a warrior armed with a one-handed weapon and a shield. Can be either an initiator with a large supply of health or a damage dealer;
  • The Mage is a spellcaster who supports the team from afar. Has a variety of spells that will be useful in any build;
  • Archer - a pawn that attacks from a distance;
  • The Thief is a fighter who deals high damage, but has virtually no defensive stats;
  • Warrior - an advanced version of the fighter who wields two-handed weapons;
  • The sorcerer is an improved magician , with an even larger supply of spells.

Pawn Specialization and Traits

Specialization is a special parameter that gives a companion a new behavioral trait. There is no universal specialization, and most will add problems to you or even let you down at the most important moment. Therefore, this is one of the important points that you need to pay attention to when choosing a new pawn.

To open a specialization, you need to communicate with the pawn and demonstrate your attitude towards others through dialogues and actions. After a certain time, a comrade will develop a new trait that will influence behavior in battle and in dialogues.

In order to change the character of a pawn, you will need the item “Mysterious Rift Incense” . This is a rare resource that can be found in the world of Dragon's Dogma 2 or can be purchased with real currency.

Best Trait for a Fighter

The task of the fighters is to go to the vanguard and inflict huge damage in close combat. Straightforwardness will reveal this warrior, although it will reduce the accuracy of strikes. Such a pawn will be a reliable partner for players who like to fight on the front line.

If you prefer a safe class, like an archer or a mage, then we recommend taking a kind-hearted fighter into your team . Unlike the first option, it focuses on protecting your allies and won't leave you alone.

Best trait for a mage

'Choose the best trait depending on what is missing on the battlefield:

  • Straightforward or Unflappable is an aggressive wizard who creates fireballs and does not wait for companions. Rarely heals, even if ordered;
  • Kindness is a mage who specializes in support. He is always ready to retreat and heal his comrades;
  • Direct is a balanced option that is suitable for beginner players. Such a mage skillfully balances between healing spells and dealing damage.

Best Trait for an Archer

Not the most durable class that needs to avoid unnecessary damage. An archer with equanimity or good-hearted traits will often be exposed to blows. The best option is spontaneity, which will help you soberly assess the situation, inflict great damage at range and retreat, if necessary.

Best Trait for a Thief

The Thief is a frail melee character, so spontaneity is his first priority. Straightforwardness and good-heartedness make a pawn useless in battle; we do not recommend paying attention to such thieves. They will be the first to go into battle and, most likely, will die without waiting for their comrades.

Best Trait for a Warrior

Each trait will have its own drawback, which will only reduce the warrior’s combat potential. An unflappable character is optimal for this class. You won’t see anything outstanding, but such a fighter is predictable, which will simplify the strategy on the battlefield.

Best Trait for a Sorcerer

The main task of sorcerers is to cause constant damage. If you choose a good-hearted pawn, you risk losing the battle because it will be distracted by the environment. The sorcerer is fully revealed with the Equanimity trait, which allows him to deal critical damage.

The strongest teams for your specialization

Having multiple classes is designed to allow you to assemble a balanced team, regardless of your main character. Depending on your preferences, you can select the appropriate pawns:

  • Fighter - enemies have little chance in close combat with you, so you should think about support. An archer , a magician and a sorcerer in conjunction will create a strong and balanced team, where the player will play a key role;
  • Mage - a warrior , fighter and sorcerer are best combined with such a character . One of the melee fighters will become a tank, and the second will destroy single targets. The sorcerer will strengthen them, and all you have to do is monitor the successful battle and cover your allies;
  • Archer - the meaning is the same as with the magician. Warrior , fighter and magician will perfectly complement your character, covering the archer's weaknesses;
  • Thief - You can only dish out huge damage if the pawns provide a distraction. A warrior and a fighter will handle this, but a good-hearted mage will focus on healing, opening the way for you to deal massive damage.