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Tier list LoL ADC 14.5: the best bot champions for season 14 of League of Legends

 Players are impatiently awaiting changes, patch 14.5 will shake up the LoL meta and characters. Discover our tier list.

Riot Games posted the trailer for season 14 and introduced us to new objects, old ones, and current ones that change. After a few already, Riot has unveiled a new patch with new changes.

With all these changes, which have just arrived on the rift, the meta risks are being shaken and champions who were previously strong could well find themselves at the bottom of the rankings and vice versa. With the arrival of the new patch 14.5, we offer you a tier list of the best ADC champions in order to defeat your opponents!

Tier list LoL ADC 14.5: the best bot champions for season 14 of League of Legends

Patch 14.5 arrives on Summoner's Rift, We'll offer you a tier list of the best champions to play to win all your games. The following tier list is based on data from the mobalytics site, we will then focus on the victory percentage of the champions in the ADC role to create the ranking. Here are the 10 champions with the ADC role who risk having a much more than important role and who will terrify the rift in patch 14.5 :


  • Ashe : 54.1 % winrate
  • Smolder : 53.9% winrate
  • Seraphine : 53.8% winrate
  • Senna : 53.6% winrate
  • Samira : 53.1% winrate
  • Jhin : 52.7% winrate
  • Jinx : 52.7% winrate
  • Miss Fortune : 52.5% winrate
  • Kalista : 52.5% winrate
  • Zeri : 51.9% winrate
Find the tier list of the best champions for patch 14.5

What is League of Legends?

League of Legends (LoL) is a video game released in 2009 developed and published by Riot Games available on Windows and Mac OS. In LoL, you will see two teams of five players in real-time facing each other with different champions for each. The goal of the game is simple, you must destroy their base, called Nexus while protecting yours.

The game was a great success upon its release and saw the e-sport scene very quickly. Nowadays, LoL is one of the games with the most impressive esports scene with European championships, international tournaments, and especially the world championships; which brings together millions of spectators from around the world.

Of course, this tier list, like all those on the internet, should be taken with a pinch of salt. Rankings may change over time based on game updates, changes in feature balance, or new discoveries. Ultimately, this tier list is intended to serve as an informational guide rather than a universal truth, and everyone is encouraged to form their own opinion. This article will be updated based on changes and balances.