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Unicorn Overlord Monica: How to recruit this character?

In Unicorn Overlord, Monica can be recruited by asking her to fight alongside us. Find out in this guide how to recruit Monica!

Developed by Atlus x Vanillaware and released on March 8, 2024, Unicorn Overlord is a tactical RPG game that offers an innovative combat system to offer a unique and fantastic gaming experience, in the pure tradition of Vanillaware. You will travel through a dynamic world, develop romances between your characters, face tough adversaries, perform heroic acts, and above all, meet new allies.

Indeed, during your adventure, you will have the possibility of recruiting various characters of varying strength. Discover in this guide how to recruit Monica, her statistics and her profile as well as her skills !

How to recruit Monica in Unicorn Overlord?

In Unicorn Overlord, Monica can be recruited by asking her to fight alongside us in the quest " The Unwavering Shield " . This quest is located in the Cornia region, behind the tower of Saint the Rich. By completing this quest, you will obtain much more than interesting rewards: equipment, resources...

Monica is a Radiant Knight class character, a class beloved by players. She is a very strong character against mages and wizards, because she suffers less magic damage thanks to her " Magic Resistance " Leader effect. In addition, Monica is part of this small list of romable characters with Alain.

Location of the quest "The Unfailing Shield"

How to get married in Unicorn Overlord?

To be able to marry someone,  you must acquire the Maiden's Ring, which you will obtain after completing the quest " The Witch's Word " . You must have progressed in your adventure, because this is the last story mission in Elheim, the region to the southwest, where the Elves live.

Once this quest is completed, you will obtain the quest " The Unicorn and the Maiden ", which can be found on Palevia, the starting island. Once there,  you will see a list of characters with whom you have reached a maximum relationship level and can do the ritual with,  allowing you to consider them as your romance option.

How to get married in Unicorn Overlord

How to develop a relationship?

Before you want to move on to marriage, you must first establish a relationship between your characters. In Unicorn Overlord,  there are three main ways to establish relationships between characters  :

  • Be of the same unit

Characters in the same unit will develop relationships each time they fight an enemy unit , which will earn them a small amount for each encounter. This method is quite slow, but does not cost you any money or items.

  • To offer gifts 

Gifts can be obtained both during battles and in shops in different cities. To give a gift to a character, he must be posted as a guard in a city.  If you have posted the character you want to give a gift to somewhere and you don't remember the place, you can assign it to the city you are in.

  • Eating together in a tavern

Taverns are found in major cities and kingdoms across the map. At the tavern you will have the choice of different meals, each allowing more or less an important relationship and a different number of characters you can include. Some meals offer more than 100 ratios, for example. Taverns are characterized by beer with food on your menu.

Unicorn Overlord Monica: How to recruit this character?