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Verdash Palworld: Capture, reproduction... How and where to obtain this Pal?

 Want to get Verdash, but don't know how to encounter him in Palworld? In this article, we explain how to get your hands on it as well as its location!

Verdash in Palworld

Verdash simply steps on the ground to fertilize it and make thick grass grow. It will not approach land treated with herbicide.

Verdash in Palworld

  • Type: Grass
  • Partner Skills: Plains Rocket - When fighting alongside him, increases movement speed and makes the player's attacks grass-type
  • Work capacity: Seed lv.2, Manual work lv.3, Slaughter lv.2, Transport lv.2 and Collection lv.3
  • Dropped Items: Leather and Bone
  • Encounter Level: 35

Verdash is a do-it-all Pal. It is one of the best Grass-type Pals, but is also very useful in the camp for performing a multitude of tasks . We advise you to have him in your team until you manage to obtain Warsect . The scarab is much stronger than him in combat, and once you catch it, you can leave Verdash at camp without an ounce of guilt.

How to get Verdash with breeding?

To obtain Verdash through reproduction, you have a plethora of possible Pals associations! In this first reproduction section for Verdash, we have put parents who can be obtained relatively early during your adventure. Logically, you will have no problem obtaining them!

  • Lamball + Penking
  • Lifmunk + Surfent
  • Vixy + Elphidran

If, however, you want to create the perfect Pal, including legendary Pals, here are some recipes that can allow you to generate an egg that holds a Verdash with excellent passives.

  • Hangyu + Anubis
  • Flambelle + Anubis

How to capture a Verdash in Palworld?

Verdash can be found in the Wild Area north of Black Volcano. This Pal can appear both day and night, so you can venture there whenever you want. Otherwise, you can also meet Verdash in his arena at the Domain of Celerity in Leafy Creek, at the foot of the Frozen Mountain.

To effectively weaken Verdash, you will need to use Fire-type Pals . On the other hand, to survive, you must ensure that you exclude Pals who have the Earth type from your group. Verdash's type is a real weakness for them.

To capture it, bring Ultra Spheres, otherwise the capture rate will be much too low for you to catch it easily. If, however, you feel that the capture rate is still much too low, we invite you to improve your capture strength with the power statue by using Lifmunk statues. They can be found all over Palpagos, so climb on a flying mount, then go looking for small green statues. Note that they are easier to discern at night, so do this expedition after dark!