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Where to find cherry trees in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

We show you where the cherry trees are in Hyrule and how to offer them an offering to unlock ghost locations in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

In the enormous world of Hyrule from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom there are some mystical cherry trees that are very special because in these we can make an offering to unlock the locations of the fantamos that are in the region. Maybe you've already come across one of these cherry trees on your adventures and now you're wondering where all the others are.

Below in this entry of our complete guide, we show you where to find cherry trees and how to activate them so that you can benefit from their advantages.

Location of all cherry trees

In total on the surface of Hyrule you can find up to 8 cherry trees in the following locations on this map:

Location of all cherry trees

These are the exact coordinates of each cherry tree:

  • Central Hyrule Cherry Tree: 0316, 0538, 0022
  • Hyrule Hills Cherry Tree: -2296, -0340, 0350
  • Tabanta Edge Cherry Tree: -4049, 1693, 0198
  • Lanayru Cherry Tree: 2529, -0009, 0143
  • Farone Cherry Tree: 0805, -3502, 0057
  • Eldin Cherry: 1244, 2956, 0418
  • Gerudo Canyon Cherry Tree: -2310, -2156, 0250
  • Necluda Cherry: 3356, -2483, 0280

In the game itself, there is also a way to know the location of all these trees and that is by going to the Plain Post Office, located in the southwestern part of the Central Hyrule region. Here, inside the building, you can consult a map hanging on a wall where the positions of these cherry trees are indicated:

Now that you know where they are located, all you have to do is mark them on your own map and go to them.

How to make an offering in the cherry trees and what it is for

In all the cherry trees in Hyrule, which stand out for having characteristic pink leaves that differentiate them from the others, you can make an offering to Satory, a mysterious spirit.

How to make an offering in the cherry trees and what it is for

To do this do this:

  • Since Satory loves fruits, you can take any fruit from your inventory (a simple apple will do, for example).
  • Take the fruit in Link's hands and exit the saddlebag menu.
  • He then places the fruit in the container at the foot of the cherry tree.
  • This will trigger a special event.

When you deliver an offering to the cherry trees, what happens is that Satoly appears and reveals the position of all the caves in the region where there is a ghost to find. Satoly does not mark the location of the caves on your tablet map, but instead, you will see rays of light on the horizon that emerge towards the sky and tell you where there are caves.

The caves where you have already been and have collected an emblem of fastasm will not have that ray of light, however, the rest will, and as you can see it can be very useful to go after all the emblems that you still have to collect.

Making offerings in the cherry trees is recommended if you want to complete your collection of ghost emblems and acquire all the treasures of Koltin with them.