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WoW Plunderstorm: Tier list of the best skills and spells to obtain

 WoW Plunderstorm, the World of Warcraft battle royale, has just landed on live servers! Here is a tier list of spells to find first.

Oyé oyé WoW players! In patch 10.2.6 of World of Warcraft , veteran players and beginners alike will be able to try Plunderstorm, a battle royale accessible even if you don't have Dragonflight! Just the subscription is enough to play it, and no need to download the full game.

This pirate-themed Battle Royal is a first for World of Warcraft. This time-limited game mode, for a total of 6 weeks, will offer you a unique experience. Here is the list of the best spells and skills to obtain in Plunderstorm!

Best spells and skills on WoW Plunderstorm Tier list

Plunderstorm, the WoW patch 10.2.6 event, is a Battle Royal. Like Fortnite, PUBG or even Warzone, you are thrown onto a map against other players. This limited-size map becomes covered in a storm as the end of the game approaches. After a certain time, you will have no choice but to face your opponents. 

Best spells and skills on WoW Plunderstorm Tier list

Third party

  • Whirlwind of Fire (Soon to be nerfed)
  • Storm Archon
  • Sharp winds
  • Pushback
  • Hunting chains
  • Strange snowman (object)

Tier A

  • Glowing Ax
  • Windstorm and Star Bomb
  • Faemorph
  • Earth Break if Windstorm

The rest of the skills are below, however  certain combos like Mana Sphere with a stun or slow remain very powerful.  Remember that this game mode remains a fun temporary event, which should be taken lightly.