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5 Helldivers 2 tricks that you almost certainly don't know yet


5 Helldivers 2 tricks that you almost certainly don't know yet

Does Helldivers 2 still keep secrets? Yes. Here we are going to leave you a series of tricks that not many players know and that will be very useful during your games.

Helldivers 2 is a complex game with a number of small mechanics and adjustments that can help you much more than you think. Today we look at some of those settings, systems, or little tricks so you can get the most out of the game.

And there are a series of situations that require desperate measures or exhaustive knowledge of the game to get the best out of yourself and overcome a new mission for Super Earth.

Maybe you haven't fallen into some Helldivers 2 secrets that will help you in the most complicated missions. Having all the cards in your hand is vitally important to react to all the dangers of the Galactic War.

5 Helldivers 2 tricks that you almost certainly don't know yet

The ultimate escape technique

You find yourself surrounded by bugs and there is no way out... What can you do? Well, resort to that kind of bulbs that are on some planets. Get on top of them and shoot. You will immediately be sent flying and land a few meters away from the enemies.

Reposition the antenna easily

One of the main objectives of certain missions will require you to relocate an antenna to transmit a signal. This is a job for two people, but if you want to overcome it on your own all you have to do is listen.

The correct position of the antenna appears on the monitor, but since you cannot see it because you have to rotate it, the game will warn you that it is the correct one with a slight sound that acts as confirmation. This way you won't need anyone's help.

Change aiming side

This is very practical. If you want to change sides when aiming to see enemies better, you must press O when you are aiming in third person. This way you can look left and right in a simpler and faster way.

Calculate orbital attack trajectory

Depending on the position on the map your destroyer will have a shooting angle or another. This is key, since when launching an orbital attack it can fail if you do not take the position of the ship into consideration. How to calculate how to request air strikes?

The straightest shot is when you are located in the center of the map. So if you go north, the shooting angle will vary the further you are from that center of the map. This way you will no longer have to be surprised when a bomb falls on a ledge and not on an enemy base.

Infinite orbital attacks

If you are desperate enough to need to eliminate all the enemies in an area or a horde of bugs, the best thing you can do is desert. To do this you must go to the edge of the map and wait 10 seconds after a warning.

You will immediately be considered a deserter and orbital attacks will begin to be launched on you. Luckily, these aren't too precise, so you'll be able to run through the enemies and have them destroyed by the explosions. Of course, never stop.