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AFK Journey Necrodrakon, who is the best team to defeat the Necrodragon?

In AFK Journey, you will be able to form your own team and we will offer you the best composition to face the Necrodragon.

AFK Journey is one of the mobile games of the moment since its release on March 27 on iOS and Android.

Within the title, you will be able to carry out draws in order to obtain new units for your game account. These units are particularly useful for progressing in the game, but also for facing the bosses of the Dream Kingdom. Among the enemies of this game mode, we find the Necrodragon or Necrodrakon and we are going to offer you a team to face it, as well as some advice.

Who is the best team to defeat the Necrodragon in AFK Journey?

If you want to know which team is the best to defeat the Necrodragon, well, there are different effective formations, but here is the one from GameLeap.

Who is the best team to defeat the Necrodragon in AFK Journey

The Necrodragon is a boss that primarily targets healers within your party and to defeat it, it is therefore recommended not to have a single healer and instead focus on heroes who can heal or survive on their own. Temesia is a very mobile Tank that does good damage. Korin resumes his role as shielder as is the case for the fallen Cyclops and Kruger is there to debuff the DEF of the Necodrakon. As for Vala and Marilee, they sustain damage from a fairly safe distance.

As for the artifact, take the Awakening Spell which gives you attack, physical and magical defense, and which can also heal the members of your team to improve the survivability of your composition. Obviously, this team composition is for reference only, but these 5 characters are excellent choices to face the Necrodragon.