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AFK Journey PvP Team, what is the best team for this game mode?

In AFK Journey, you will be able to build your own team and we will offer you the best composition for PvP.

AFK Journey is one of the mobile games of the moment since its release on March 27 on iOS and Android.

Within the title, you will be able to carry out draws in order to obtain new units for your game account. These units are particularly useful for progressing in the game, but also for facing other players in PvP mode. Some of the heroes are better than others and we will therefore offer you a team composition for clashes against other players.

Who is the best team for PvP in AFK Journey?

If you want to know which is the best team for PvP, well, many sites offer compositions and we are going to offer you one that seems interesting to play.

Who is the best team for PvP in AFK Journey

Your front lane is played by Thoran, an excellent hero for tanking who can automatically resurrect himself during combat when he is defeated the first time. The Eironn and Carolina duo is an excellent combo of debuffs and damage and you will quickly realize that HP can drop at an alarming rate for your opponent. Korin is there to provide his damage, but also his shields to your entire team. In case you don't have Korin, you can also play with a ranged DPS like Marilee, Cecia, or Oddie if you think you're not hitting hard enough. As for Smokey & Meerky, it is undoubtedly one of the best units for continuously healing and buffing its allies, but you can also replace it with Reinier if you have it.

As for the artifact, take the Starburst Spell which gives you speed and additional HP and which can do significant damage, helping you defeat opposing compositions more quickly. Obviously, this team composition is for information only, but these 5 characters are excellent choices to face other players.