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Complete walkthrough of the game "Troubles"


Complete walkthrough of the game "Troubles"

“The Troubles” is an action RPG from Russian developers from the Cyberia Nova studio, which takes place in 1612, during the Time of Troubles. Players will take on the role of Yuri Miloslavsky, who seeks to unite Muscovite Rus'. In this guide, we described all the main and additional tasks and also told how to find all the artifacts.

Through the Snow (main)

The game begins with the main character Yuri and his assistant walking through a snowstorm to the nearest camp. Along the way, they hear cries for help and the protagonist decides to help a person in trouble. Run straight along the path and examine the body of the dead horse. Then follow the marker until a cutscene starts. Upon completion, you will receive the first achievement “Cossack on a tree”.

Having met Kirsha, the task will change. Go to the inn and talk to the innkeeper. In the building, Kirsha will offer to wave the sabers - you cannot refuse, but in the courtyard we recommend that you first complete the side task “Inn”.

Inn (side)

To complete the quest, talk to a rich merchant and an elderly priest. For this you will receive additional experience points.

First duel (main)

Activate the dialogue with Kirsha and agree to fight with him. Note that the combat system in the game is quite crude, but you can simply click on weak opponents with LMB or RMB. Here are the main combinations:

  • Weak attack - LMB;
  • Strong attack - RMB (we recommend using it in fights with weak enemies);
  • Block - while standing still, hold down Space;
  • Dodge - A/D+Space;
  • Kick - hold down the W button and press Space;
  • Capture an object/aim - SCM;
  • Reflect a blow - press Space next to the enemy during his attack;
  • Shoot - F;
  • Change weapon - V.
Immediately after the fight, the Poles will arrive at the inn. Talk to the officer and choose one of the answers. The first option activates a battle in which you have to defeat three enemies at once. Use your previously acquired skills to defeat them.

First day at the Kruchina estate (main)

The quest will begin after you talk with Kirsha at the end of the battle with the Poles. First, contact Gregory to try out your combat skills again. Only now the enemy will be more difficult than the previous ones: use dodges and blocking to defeat him.

After winning, you will receive the “Tsar's Gold” artifact. Immediately go to the “Amulets” section, unlock the cell, and equip the item.

Now go to Prokhor and take on an additional activity, for which you can gain experience and decide the fate of one of the servants - the passage of the task is described below.

Return to Gregory, who will give you a new assignment. This time you need to eavesdrop on several slaves. Use stealth (C key on PC) and sneak up on three groups of people behind the stables. The first will talk about women, the second about fishing, and the third about the fact that the boyar has sold himself to the Poles.

In a conversation with Gregory, you can choose whether to talk about the gossip of the slaves or not. We chose the first option.

To complete the task, talk with Alena, Nastya, and boyar Kruchina, who will give a new task. Approach the city gates to travel to Nizhny Novgorod.

Prokhor's request (side)

We communicate with the slave Ivan. At a fork in the road, it’s best to choose the second option: “We’re not talking about that. ” Then we talk to the courtyard and select “You, of course, thought correctly. ” He will tell you about the groom he saw in the barn recently.

All that remains is to talk with the groom Mitrofan and bring him to clean water. He himself admits to theft but will explain why he did so. Returning to Prokhor, we can tell him about the thief (he will be punished) or remain silent (the groom will stop stealing, but will not be punished).

Arrival in Nizhny Novgorod (main)

Don’t try to look for additional activities - there won’t be any right now. Just follow the marker and watch the cutscene with Minin, and then find Eremeev's house. He will send the hero to the merchant Filatov, and the quest will end.

Protection from robbers (main)

Merchant Filatov will agree to put in a good word for Yuri, but before that, he needs to get rid of the robbers who have gotten into the habit of attacking his goods in the boatsheds.

You will have a battle with three low-level enemies - just right-click them to win. In a conversation with a merchant, you can select the first option “I wanted to ask you one more thing” to receive an additional reward.

Connections and favors (main)

If you received damage during the battle, we recommend replenishing your health at one of the wells. Approach the mug and interact with it, and then go to the inn to Vaska Varganov. You shouldn’t threaten him, it’s better to choose “Before you answer, without thinking, take this letter and read it . ”

Troublesome Mercenaries (main)

Vaska will direct Yuri to Prokhor Golchin, who, in turn, will want to test the boyar. To do this, he will ask to get rid of the German mercenaries at the end of the street. However, Yuri should not attack first.

Follow the marker and activate a dialogue with the senior mercenary, then choose one of two options (they will both lead to a battle). This time the enemies will be stronger than the bandits at the port, but still not strong enough to kill the hero even on high difficulty.

As soon as the battle is over, a cutscene will begin, after which Yuri will appear next to Golchin. Tell him what happened to complete the task.

Unexpected Noble (main)

Return to your first acquaintance in Nizhny Novgorod and pick up a letter that needs to be given to the foreigner. The nobleman's envoy has gone out of town, and you need to catch up with him. Run to the end of the location along the river to make the transition to another map.

After the cutscene, you will find yourself on a path where you can examine the corpses of soldiers. At the end of it there will be robbers - the easiest way to get rid of them is by stealth. By killing at least one of the enemies in this way, you will receive the “Forty-seventh” achievement. In total, there are four enemies to eliminate.

When the last one is killed, another video on the engine will begin, and Yuri will meet Irena.

Meeting Stremoukhov (main)

It's time to get acquainted with Pozharsky's militia, which Golchin talked about. Just follow the marker to go to another location and find the guy at his house. Before this, we recommend replenishing your health, since you will be fighting the first strong enemy in the game.

We won the fight using the following tactics:

  • We block Semyon's single attack;
  • Immediately after this, we attack three times with strong blows (RMB);
  • We move back a little and block a single attack again;
  • Repeat until complete victory.
Please note that you should not block in advance - the enemy can use a kick, and then perform a series of attacks, with which on high difficulty he will simply kill Yuri. If your health has dropped to a critical level, move away a sufficient distance and drink a small healing potion (if, of course, you equipped it in the “Equipment” section).

Monastic affairs (main)

After the last battle, there is no need to restore health - it will be replenished automatically. Go to the monastery nearby and find the abbot. He will tell you that the nearest village has stopped sending taxes.

Ride through the outpost to the village of Nikulskaya and deal with three bandits. Immediately after this, the real elder will appear and thank the hero.

Return to Father Seraphim and tell him about what happened. If you choose the option “My soul is restless. Help me, father,” then the priest will give the artifact “Candle of the Trinity Monastery. ”

Wolf hunting (main)

Go to Semyon and agree to go hunting. Along the way, the characters will be attacked by a pack of wolves and one bear. By the way, you can meet wild animals just by traveling around the world. Fight them off and get your new friend home, then talk to his wife. The first option in a fork with her will lead nowhere.

Bandit Raid (side)

As soon as you return to Nizhny Novgorod, run to Prokhor Golchin and take this quest. It can be completed later when the transition outside the city becomes available. For now, continue with the main tasks.

When you find yourself under the gates of Nizhny again, we first recommend going to complete this quest. You need to get to the nearest cave and clear it of looters. However, we do not recommend doing this openly: almost all of them use long-range weapons, which will disrupt Yuri’s attacks. We cut out all the bandits using stealth and set fire to the supplies.

Bandit Raid (side)

As a reward you will receive the Yakhont artifact. It will be in your inventory immediately after you leave the cave.

Deal with the Germans (main)

Enter the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin and meet Prince Pozharsky. He will tell you about mercenaries who want to fight for the Militia, but demand a very high payment. Their camp is located in the same place where the Germans previously stood. You can choose the aggressive option to fight them and report to the prince about the job done.

Pozharsky will order you to go to the Militia camp to Kuzma Minin. At this moment, a transition to another location will open and you will be able to continue the quest “Raid of Robbers”.

Nizhny Novgorod elder (main)

Jump along the trail behind the marker and meet Minin at his camp. He will send Yuri to the governor, who will issue new equipment “Sagittarius”. However, it is worth noting that along with it, your weapons will also change, and at first the small healing potion will not be available.

Upon completion of the task, you will also receive the Alatyr artifact, which can be selected for this equipment.

For a good cause (main)

Return to Kuzma and take on the next assignment. This time you need to go to three merchants and politely ask them to pay the “third money” for the needs of the Militia.

There will be no problems with the first one - Kalashnikov will kindly agree to make his contribution. To do this, select the option “Our forces have already cleared the area of ​​robbers, which means the trade will begin soon. ” But the second merchant will say that he has no money and will not want to pay. Return to Kalashnikov and ask how you can find dirt on a wealthy merchant.

Kalashnikov will give advice, but you won’t have to use it verbatim. Simply enter the neighboring yard and look for the chest.

For a good cause (main)

Present the evidence to Mosin, after which he will also agree to take the money to Minin. At the end of the conversation, you can demand compensation for moral damage.

The last merchant will not be at home - go to the nearest guardhouse (marked on the map with a special icon) and wait until nightfall. Return to the merchant's estate, where several bandits will be waiting. Get rid of them using stealth and wait at the guardhouse again. The next morning, run to the merchant’s house again and offer to donate money for the Militia - he will not refuse.

Mysterious Caves (main)

Tell Minin about the merchants and receive a new task. He will ask you to deal with a gang of robbers who are terrorizing the village of Grabilovo. Wait until night and kill two bandits using stealth, but you won’t be able to eliminate the third one. Defeat him in open combat and threaten to torture him (choose the first option in the dialogue) so that he will tell you where the lair is.

Enter the cave, but don't make any noise. Along the way, you can quietly eliminate three enemies, and in the last adit, you can fight four opponents at once. You can try to kill at least a few through stealth to make the task easier.

We will update the guide soon.