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Content Warning cheat: Can we use console and PC commands in this horror game?

Want to become a SpookTube star faster? Want to know if cheats are available? We'll give you the answer!

Go, film, and record! Your life will be turned upside down in this new game from Landfall: Content Warning. The new cooperative horror game is coming to your screens and is already causing a sensation among PC players. Having reached a peak of over 200,000 players, it looks like Content Warning is the game of the moment that you shouldn't miss!

Your goal in this game is to become a SpookTube star by sharing videos of you and your friends in terrifying circumstances! Do you want to become a star faster and wonder if cheats are available in the game? We'll give you the answer in this article! 

Are there any cheat codes or console commands in Content Warning?

Unfortunately, for players who want to become famous faster or earn more money, there is no way to cheat in Content Warning. You will have to play fair with your friends to become a network star. 

Are there any cheat codes or console commands in Content Warning

How to install Content Warning on PC?

If you've never tried Content Warning before, now is the perfect time! The game is only available on Steam at the moment. However, it is possible that Content Warning will be available on consoles in the coming weeks. Regarding the PC version, nothing complicated, you just need to follow the steps in order to play this new horror game.

  • Start Steam  (or install it if you haven't)
  • Log in
  • Search for “ Content Warning ” on the search bar
  • Pay then install the game on your PC (the game is priced at €7.79)

By following these steps, Content Warning will be installed on your PC. You can now launch the game and enjoy a fun-filled adventure with your friends! Besides, don't hesitate to join a Discord server of the game to make more friends, and why not, experience even crazier adventures!  Remember, film everything you can to become a SpookTube star!