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Content Warning "Failed to extract": How to fix the bug that blocks your videos?

Become a star in Content Warning! Publishing your videos is essential, but some players encounter bugs, We'll help you!

Go, film, and record! Your life will be turned upside down in this new game from Landfall: Content Warning. The new cooperative horror game is coming to your screens and is already causing a sensation among PC players. Having reached a peak of over 200,000 players, it looks like Content Warning is the game of the moment that you shouldn't miss!

To become a SpookTube star, players must post hilarious videos on the platform, however, some players are encountering a bug that prevents videos from being extracted. In this article, We'll help you fix this problem!

How to fix the “Failed to extract” bug in Content Warning?

After filming your adventures and placing the camera in the console, some players are greeted by a “Failed to extract” error screen. A very annoying bug that does not allow players to publish their videos on SpookTube. Landfall quickly reacted on the networks by sharing a way to correct this bug :

For anyone experiencing the “rip failure” bug with the content warning, you can press F3 to stop bugging and rip the video!

To correct this bug, all you have to do is press F3 to extract the video and no longer have this bug. Using this solution will allow you to obtain a record of your adventures, which can be published on the platform and earn you money and views! 

Content Warning "Failed to extract": How to fix the bug that blocks your videos?