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Content Warning: How to earn a lot of money in this horror game?

Content Warning is coming to your screens! We'll share with you all the tips to earn more money and become famous faster!

Go, film, and record! Your life will be turned upside down in this new game from Landfall: Content Warning. The new cooperative horror game is coming to your screens and is already causing a sensation among PC players. Having reached a peak of over 200,000 players, it looks like Content Warning is the game of the moment that you shouldn't miss! 

In Content Warning, you will have to film terrifying videos to publish them on SpookTube in order to become famous. There are tips for getting more views, but in this guide, we are going to share tips for earning more money and therefore becoming famous faster!

How to earn more money in Content Warning?

Traveling, exploring, filming, posting, and so on… this is the habit you need to adapt if you want to be famous on SpookTube. The more views you make, the more money you earn, so we advise you to constantly publish videos on the platform and earn money. However, quantity does not equal quality, so you need to invest your money to produce better videos.

Indeed, firstly, you can buy all the gadgets and equipment that Content Warning makes available to you. Very good quality flashlights will allow you to have better visual quality and consequently, make better videos! It is therefore very important to invest in a good flashlight to produce good videos which will therefore bring you more money!

How to earn more money in Content Warning

Always be ready to film!

When you and your friends go on an adventure, it's the perfect time to break out the camera! Indeed, anything can happen, you can't predict anything in this game. Monsters can appear from anywhere and attack you,  which is why having the camera on will allow you to obtain exclusive content and therefore the best videos!

Finally, if one of your friends is attacked, don't help them, but film the scene and flee! This may be selfish, but it's a very effective way to collect interesting videos and publish them on SpookTube. In summary, the camera is your most faithful friend, never take it out of your hands when you go exploring. Ultimately, to earn a lot of money, you have to produce very good videos, and for that, you have to film the best of your adventures with friends.

Content Warning seems to be the game of the moment! With your friends, go on an adventure and capture the best moments on video to become famous.