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Content Warning survival: How to avoid all the monsters and survive?

Content Warning is coming to your screens! Monsters will stand before you during your expeditions, We'll show you how to avoid them!

Go, film and record! Your life will be turned upside down in  this new game from Landfall:Content Warning . In this new game, your goal will be to film your friends doing scary things, and publish these videos on SpookTube in order to become famous! Having reached a peak of over 200,000 players, it looks like Content Warning is the game of the moment that you shouldn't miss!

Indeed, you will want to film very scary things to be able to succeed on SpookTube. Luckily for you, the game is full of monsters of all kinds who are ready to end your life. To become famous, you just need to take videos of these terrible creatures without dying. In this guide, find out how to survive these terrible monsters and become famous!

How to survive monsters in Content Warning?

Obviously, your goal is to become famous on SpookTube in Content Warning. However,  if you go on an adventure without being careful, monsters will take great pleasure in eliminating you mercilessly! That's why you need to film these moments while staying alive if you want to achieve your goal.

Each monster uses a unique technique to ensure that you can escape them. Obviously, it's easier to avoid some monsters more than others, find out how you can survive if you come face to face with a monster :

  • Fisherman: We don't have any data yet
  • Big Slap: Don't make any noise, and don't approach him
  • Bombs: Run away and use walls to survive against this monster
  • BernacleBall: Avoid its webs, and flee
  • Dog: Don't make noise and don't jump!
  • Ear: Move slowly and gently, without making any noise!
  • OeilMan: We don't have any data yet
  • Flicker: We don't have any data yet
  • Ghost: Avoid the first few knife attacks and he will eventually disappear
  • Harpoon:  Avoid Harpoon attacks and wait patiently for it to disappear (usually around 20 seconds)
  • Jello: You can easily escape, the monster is very slow
  • Larva: Avoid all the elements it can throw at you
  • Mouth: We don't have any data yet
  • Slupeur: Don't make any noise and throw objects at him
  • Snatcho: Light it up with a flashlight
  • Spider: Stay away from her and make sure you don't get stuck in her webs
  • Tears: We don't have data yet
  • Zombie: Only one solution, run and escape!
How to survive monsters in Content Warning

How to join the Content Warning discord server and find new friends?

Are you alone and want to discover Content Warning? No problem,  We have a solution for you. Simply join the game's Discord server and find an entire community that will be ready to join you on any journey!

Indeed, within the server, you will find several tips, and guides or even meet several players who will help you during your adventure.  To join the Content Warning Discord server, simply click on the link below  :

How to join the Content Warning discord server and find new friends

How to install a mod on Content Warning? 

To install a mod, simply install Bepinex

  • Download the latest version of BepInEx 5 (for x64 computers). You can view all versions here.
  • Extract all BepInEx files into the game folder (so that winhttp.dll is next to Content Warning.exe). The easiest way to do this is to open your Steam library and go to the game properties to find the original folder.
  • Launch the game once to generate the plugins folder. 
  • Now, install the mod of your choice, put it in the plugins folder, and enjoy a modded game!
  • Please note, all players must have the same mods installed to play together.
BepInEx is an essential tool for Unity game enthusiasts who want to customize their gaming experience using mods. It offers a flexible architecture that allows developers to create plugins to modify the behavior of Unity games.