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Dragon's Dogma 2 - This is how you get the best weapons and armor in the game

 When you reach the true endgame of Dragon's Dogma 2, the game's best gear is just a few Wyvern Crystals away.

A good weapon or armor is often the difference between victory and defeat in Dragon's Dogma 2 . Therefore, you should always keep your equipment as up-to-date as possible. But to really get the best items in the game, you not only have to reach the secret true ending, but you also have to go hunting for dragons.

The Dragonforged

The strongest weapons and armor are sold by the Dragonforged, whom you have already met throughout the story. However, in order for him to offer his goods, you first have to reach the true end of the game.

Once you have entered the new world, you will find him directly in the cave behind you, or you can first follow the new quest that leads you to the lake shrine, which you can now easily reach on foot. Once you have reached the shrine, he will appear there and offer his new goods.

However, you won't get anywhere with gold here. As before, he wants wyvern crystals for his services, and not in short supply. For a weapon you have to put 110 crystals on the table.

Chest armor still costs 70 crystals. You'll get 100 crystals when you arrive, but you'll quickly need more, especially if you're playing the warmaster who wields multiple weapons.

Get wyvern crystals

In order to get as many crystals as possible, you have to defeat the bosses marked on the map with the red rays. You shouldn't take too long for this. The world is on the verge of collapse and will simply fall apart if you take too much time.

Get wyvern crystals

Each boss you defeat not only brings you dozens of crystals but also more time to explore the world. If you don't shop around for too long, you can easily buy several weapons and armor sets.

New Game Plus

If you have completed the true ending, you can later visit the Dragonforged at his old location in the cave near Battahl. He has the same arsenal at his disposal and you can continue to hunt dragons.

The yield for normal dragons is only 15 crystals, but since they reappear after 14 in-game days, you can farm them as you wish.

There are also new weapons to buy in shops around the world that can certainly keep up with the endgame dragon weapons. They only cost you gold, their damage is often slightly worse, but they do have magical properties.

Even more damage from forging

If you have complete endgame equipment, you should also upgrade it accordingly. The blacksmiths of the world can take your weapons to a whole new level, depending on what blacksmithing you use:

  • Vermund: All-round improvement that makes equipment lighter.
  • Battahl: Physical enhancement that makes equipment heavier.
  • Eleven: Magical improvement that makes equipment lighter.
  • Dwarf: All-round improvement with more precipitation that makes equipment heavier.
  • Dragon: Only possible with full improvement. Gives a boost to all stats and halves the weight.

This makes it easy to compensate for weaknesses, especially when it comes to armor. Heavy armor tends to have little magical defense, and mage robes tend to have low physical resistance.