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Dragon's Dogma 2: Unlock the true ending and final third of the game

Just because you see the credits doesn't mean the game is over. Because you can only find out the true ending with a trick.

Capcom is trying to mislead you a little with the ending of Dragon's Dogma 2. You might even start New Game Plus without ever knowing that you haven't seen a part of the game. We'll tell you how to unlock the true ending and thereby gain access to the best equipment in the game.

Unlock the normal ending

You don't have to do much to get the standard ending. If you visit the Moonlight Tower, you will be challenged by the dragon. If you attack him, he will carry you on his wings to a distant battle arena, where the final showdown with the heart-devouring lizard will take place.

Unlock the normal ending

If you emerge victorious from the fight, you'll be treated to a clichéd fantasy ending. You become king or queen, you now rule over the kingdom and the cycle begins again. All you have to do is sit on the throne.

You will then end up back in the main menu. You can start New Game Plus here. However, this will overwrite your save status and you will be denied the true ending until you play through it again. 

But you can also continue the game. Then you end up right before the fight with the dragon and can reverse the ending again.

Alternatively, in the throne room scene, you can ignore the throne and instead address the ghostly figure in the room. This also brings you back to flying the kite.

Unlock the true ending

To truly complete Dragon's Dogma 2, you must intervene during the dragon flight before reaching the battle arena.

Climb forward over the dragon's back. The closer you get, the louder you will hear the dragon's heartbeat and your controller will also begin to vibrate in time with the heartbeat. Then climb down to the dragon's chest. You can recognize the heart by the glowing spot, which is also the weak point of other dragons.

Then open your item menu and use the strengthened godsbane blade that you reconstructed during the main quest. Your character will then push it into their own chest, ending the cycle.

The Water Disappears - New Endgame, Bosses and Equipment

Water disappears from the map: If you've done everything right, you'll end up in a post-apocalyptic version of the map you've explored so far. All water has disappeared and you have access to many new places in the world. 

Now you have to unite all nations against a common danger and come across previously unknown bosses whose materials you can exchange with an old friend for the best equipment in the game. 

This new endgame can easily keep you busy for up to ten hours, depending on how much equipment you want to acquire.

However, we don't want to tell you more, as the endgame is one of the best parts of the game.